Spine surgery: Neurosurgeon or Orthopaedic surgeon

If it has been found out that you would need spinal surgery to cure your back, one of the most important decisions you have to make is whether to opt for an orthopaedic surgeon or Neurosurgeon. The top Neurosurgery hospitals in India would be a better option. The choice of a surgeon is the most critical aspect, and here the success rate along with the experience comes into play. Now let us try to understand the difference between both the doctors.

An influential aspect is both of them are designed to conduct spine surgery in the first place. Once upon a time the neurosurgeons were the only ones authorized to conduct spine surgery. With evolution in technology and modern innovations coming into play, an orthopaedic surgeon is also authorized to conduct a surgery. Coming back to the neurosurgeons these are doctors who have gone to avail 4 to 7 years of intensive education in this domain. They are specialized in treating disorders of the nervous system and this includes the nerves, brain along with the spinal cord. There is one major difference between them and an orthopaedic surgeon. They are only authorized to perform surgery in the interiors of the spine referred to as Dura meter. If a patient encounters any form of spinal cord malfunctioning or a tumor is detected in the spine, then only a reputed neurosurgeon can perform the surgery for him.

On the other hand orthopaedics is trained doctors, who are medically trained. Most of them have 5 years of education and are well equipped to treat musculoskeletal disorders pertaining to the joints and the bones. They generally focus on bone injuries and joint pains. Some of them would need to spend a considerable amount of time on spinal injuries. This would mean that they would need to undertake specialized training in the same domain. Apart from the few unique surgeries which a neurosurgeon can carry out, an orthopaedic surgeon is able to perform the same surgeries as their counterparts.

When you are about to choose a doctor for your surgery, take note of the fact that both of them are well equipped to perform the surgery for you. What you should ask them about is their area of specialization. Some of them are specialized in lumbar disorders whereas others in spine surgeries (cervical) you need to ask them on how many surgeries they have performed till now and what has been their success rate. This being a major surgery you would want the best hands in the business

If you have decided upon the best neurology hospital in India, then it would be better if you search online. Here you can obtain reviews of the specific hospital in question and what has been the feedback of the people who have undertaken this surgery. It is not only the surgery, but the follow up procedures that assumes a lot of significance. Any lapses on the part of the medical staff could spell trouble for a patient.

Shubhi Gupta Tuesday, 19 December 2017
Renault Captur Vs Ford EcoSport: Specs Comparison

The year 2017 has been a very eventful year for the Indian automobile market as we have seen a host of new launches and facelifts already. Out of the new launches, the Renault Captur has managed to gain a lot of recognition and is heading in the right direction according to the company. But if we look at the Renault Captur price, the car gets into the premium SUV’s league.

However, when we are considering the Captur’s presence in the domestic market, there are many cars that pose to be strong resistance coming in between the ultimate success. One of them is the hunky Ford EcoSport, which, despite being a subcompact SUV, is way more attractive and muscular.

But how far can the Ford EcoSport resist a car that is slated to be much more premium all around? The answer lies in the features and specifications of the two cars. You can visit Autoportal.com to get more info on both of the cars. As of now, let’s hit their comparison.

Physical traits

The Renault Captur is slotted over the Duster SUV, and very rightly so. The car holds a very attractive fancy design which is more inclined towards being a crossover. It is a lot different than the Duster in terms of the designing. The headlamps get projector units while the LED DRLs are integrated on the fog lamps area. The black cladding all along the lower skirts of the car is given in abundance. However, the most attractive thing about the Captur is the two-tone colour with the pillars and roof being painted in a contrasting colour.

The Ford EcoSport, on the other hand, is a very muscular and bulky crossover and can be mistaken to be a big-sized SUV. The front section gets a big bonnet with projector headlamps (top-spec variant only) and a big hexagonal grille. The wheel arches are prominent but do not get as much cladding as the Captur. However, the rear section stands out with the presence of a tailgate-mounted spare wheel.

Power plant

The Renault Captur is a powerful car from its heart, as much as the Duster. It is offered with both fuel options. The 1.5-litre petrol engine will be producing a maximum power of 105 bhp at 5,600 revs per minute along with a peak torque of 142 Nm at 4,000 revs per minute. The other 1.5-litre diesel engine is more powerful and makes 109 bhp of peak power at 3,850 revs per minute along with 240 Nm of torque at 1,750 revs per minute. The power is sent down to the wheels via a 5-speed manual unit for the petrol and a 6-speed manual for the diesel.

The Ford EcoSport lives up to its name and has a powerful and peppy engine. The 1.5-litre TDCi diesel engine makes 99 bhp of highest power against a maximum torque of 205 Nm. This is the same engine that powered the previous generation too. However, the 1.5-litre Ti-VCT petrol engine produces a maximum power of 121 bhp along with a highest torque of 205 Nm. The power is sent down to the front wheels via a 5-speed manual gearbox for all the trims. The top petrol variants get an optional 6-speed automatic unit too.

Our verdict

The Renault Captur is a premium car, for sure. But the Ford EcoSport is a wiser and more practical option between the two. The Captur price starts from Rs. 10 lakhs, whereas, the EcoSport is available from Rs. 7.3 lakhs. At around Rs. 10 lakhs, the top-spec EcoSport is a much better option as it is way more feature-rich and powerful than the RXL Captur at a similar price band.

So, be it value-for-money or power, the Ford EcoSport beats the Captur any time, any day.

Shubhi Gupta Thursday, 16 November 2017
Know more about the equity broker

There are many people who are interested to deal in stock trading to earn profits. To do so, they are required to hire the services of a stock broker, who receives an amount as commission for the services provided and to manage the account. 

About the equity broker

‘Stock broker’ actually refers to the ‘equity broker’. But, there are few differences between them. Equity trading tends to include day trading and hedge funds. It is viewed more correctly as traditional stock trading subset. The equity broker is known to deal with investors eager to invest aggressively in the market or might have some intricate trading strategies that they are eager to implement. The minimum investments and fees are generally found to be high.

The equity broker generally is found to perform extensive market research. Often, equity firms are known to have proprietary system for the purpose of trading. There are several firms that are devoted towards equity trading and have been set up as hedge funds. They are found to lie within the major investment banks. 

What are hedge funds?

These are considered to be different from that of the traditional investment approach in mutual funds or the stock market. The objective here is to buy shares, hold them for good amount of time. These funds generally are quite active. The fund manager often is seen to take huge risks that might result in huge losses or profits. Besides investing in bonds and stocks, hedge funds might even speculate on other investment forms or foreign currency. 

There is also Discount Brokers in India who is found to be specialists in day trading. Such private equity firms tend to earn their profits by allowing few traders to get access to funding from their firm. The firm’s developed investment strategy will be required to be used by some and others may allow the investor to select their own strategy, depending upon the profitable choices that they can derive.

Variety of investment firms are said to have employed the talented and qualified equity brokers. The equity broker type to be selected will depend upon the kind of expertise that the investor has and his comfortable risk level. 

Equity brokers are mainly hired by full service brokerage companies for helping investors to make much more aggressive investments. Such firms do offer hands-on approach services to their clients, assist in performing market research, dispense services and monitor accounts. It is quite natural that their commission and fees are the highest. 

Investors are offered the ability to select their very own strategies and investments by several online equity brokers. Setting up an account with such brokers is quite easy and quick. The person can start trading immediately once the account is open and trade 24/7 during all trading hours throughout the year without any hassle.  

It is necessary for the investors to perform proper research to find out the best investment opportunities and to select the reputed and knowledgeable stock brokers in the domain.

Sandeep malik Tuesday, 31 October 2017
How to Design your First Website

If you are a beginner coder, starting to design your first website may take some studying and practicing to do. What does it really take to design your first site?

See the list below provided by an award winning web design company, Ntw Designs, official url: http://www.ntwdesigns.com/

1. Read Books on Web Design. Web design books give you a great sense of what a website is, the structure that a website should be, and the syntaxes there are. Before learning any website syntaxes, you must know the basics of web design. Reading up to 4 books is a great idea to give you a fixed view on the structure of a web design and how much web applications can be advanced 2.

2.Syntax Choice. Before leaping into your first design, you must select the syntax which you want to study. There are many syntax choices, but for web design you must lean towards html or php. Html is the standard coding to learn and PHP is more dynamic. Once you learn HTML, you will instantly learn PHP much faster. Selecting your first syntax is a big step in design. Once you have selected your syntax, you must then study for months, depending on your study pace to make sure that you have fully understood the entire code.

3.Sample Code. After you select your syntax and started creating mini items with it for study purposes, it is time to create your first sample code. The best way to do this is to think about something yourself or just follow a tutorial online which will give you a great structure and outline base.

4.Web Design Creation. After you have finished tryout out samples of code, it is time to start creating your first web design. To design your first site, you must have an idea of what you want your site to look like. Using photoshop to create the template of the site is a great idea to give you a great visualization of the view. Coding is about solving problems and the same goes for web design. Identify all elements before you design and you will have a smooth design process.

5.Web Design Company Portfolio. Getting some ideas from web design companies is a great way to start designing your website. Top and award winning companies usually are the ones that have advanced portfolios. Reviewing their portfolios will give you a glimpse as to what trends are out now and what you can do to incorporate some of the same elements onto your first design.

6.Start and Finish. After your created your web design and finalized it, it is time to do a quick review and make sure that your web design works on all browsers. This is an important part of design. There are free sites online which can help you do a test and see if your website design looks visually the same on all browsers and if it looks the same on all devices. A design test is an important part and it is also done by the top ranking web design agencies. 

Shubhi Gupta Monday, 9 October 2017
Go from ‘fat’ to ‘fit’ with ZMRC Stanozolol

ZMRC Stanozolol is a trusted, effective steroid used by fitness enthusiasts the world over. ZMRC, short for Zaria Muscle Research Centre, is an underground lab that entered the UK’s steroid market in December, 2009. There is also complete assurance that people don’t need to think about its side effects and diseases which using this steroid might lead to. So here comes the Anadrol steroid which most of the people use and also athletes. Some steroids change the fluidity of the membrane whereas some other steroids stimulate the steroid hormone receptors in the body.  In search of the best steroid, the market proffers with twenty four such steroid brands readily available for sale with doctors consultation. The opponents or some of the players who never cheat in games will always complain that players who use steroids and win the game will always be as a black mark on the historical records which were won by clean players and so these steroids usage should be reduced allot.

Composition and Usage

A type of Stanozolol (brand name Winstrol), ZMRC Stanozolol has proved its efficacy in giving fit, enviable body to men and women alike. ZMRC Stanozolol is generally used by bodybuilders and sportsmen within a "cutting or leaning out" cycle. This aids in preserving lean, hard-earned muscle mass while metabolizing adipose tissues, thus increasing stamina.

When used along with a serious exercise regimen, ZMRC Stanozolol, a variation or derivative of testosterone, creates strong muscles and endurance without generating bulk for the well-toned, muscular body. You can also give ZMRC Stanozolol a shot if you are looking for a genuine, strength-enhancing and endurance-boosting product, to increase weight-lifting performance in a safe manner.

Benefits are Many

ZMRC Stanozolol can also help in increasing protein synthesis and reduce muscle tissue breakdown that occurs during intense workout sessions. You can also enjoy a positive, relaxing impact of ZMRC Stanozolol on your mental faculties as you shed those extra kilos without feeling burned out, drained or mentally-exhausted. Whether you are trying for a vacation-ready or beach-ready look, or simply aiming to sculpt a jaw-dropping physique, ZMRC Stanozolol is a must-buy, go-to product for you.

Dosage Varies across Form and Gender

As is true with any drug, the oral and indigestible form absorbs differently, with the injection form providing greater potency and immediate effects. The advisable ZMRC dosage would be around 35-75 mg/day in injectable form or 25-50 mg daily in oral form for men while women require only 5-10 mg per day, depending on what works best for an individual.

Beware of Duplicates

You will gain a truly Herculean, agile, energetic and powerful body with ZMRC Stanozolol. However, like any other anabolic (providing strong muscle and tissue building properties) steroid, it is not devoid of probable negative effects, including Hepatotoxicity (liver toxicity). Be wary of counterfeit and/or contaminated products and purchase this steroid today, manufactured only at the reputable and reliable ZMRC lab.

Be ready to get ripped with your chiselled, ‘Greek God’ avatar after using ZMRC Stanozolol.

sarah rose Tuesday, 3 October 2017
CrazyBulk Makes A Powerful Weight Loss Product With Right Combinations!

Crazy Bulk is one of leading brands that markets different steroidal drugs used for fat burning or weight loss along with muscle mass gaining. Its products come up with four different legally approved and accepted steroidal drugs such as Winsol and Clenbutrol. Together these four different steroidal drugs could be helpful in getting rid of unwanted fats stored in adipose tissues followed by muscle mass retention. As it burns all excessive fats stored in body followed by muscle mass retained, it helps in building up good muscle mass. Since these drugs are available online for sales with great discounts, you always get these drugs in right stock accordingly. It makes a powerful weight loss product that helps in fat burning and muscle mass retention. However, when you are making the choice to purchase this weight loss product online make sure you read reviews before placing your orders.

Different key chemicals involved in weight loss product include Anvarol. Among these, Anvarol serves to be the right alternative for which is yet another successful weight loss steroidal drug. Testo-Max is the steroid drug which elevates the level of hormone Testosterone in body that facilitates more blood supply. Winsol serves to be the right alternative for which also helps in weight loss and building good muscle mass accordingly without any side effects observed. Clenbutrol is one of successful and most widely used steroid drug for reducing fat deposition in body. Though this drug has been derived from clenbuterol, this drug is found to be safer to use.

Role of CrazyBulk weight loss product for females

CrazyBulk comes up with customized formulations and certain combinations for different kind of individuals. CrazyBulk makes a powerful weight loss product for females on exclusive combinations. For females, they come up with three drug combinations. The combination of these three popular drugs help women in reducing more weight in short time as it helps in inducing fat burning as well as building good muscle mass. Most importantly, all drugs used in their combinations are found legal and safer to use. When women start workouts along with regular consumption of this weight loss product followed by balanced diet, they can easily achieve weight loss in no time. Different chemicals used in this weight loss product do different functions like fat burning, building up more muscle mass by retaining proteins, increasing stamina and reducing recovery time to the most.

The best part is that Crazy Bulk focuses on achieving different goals using different drugs used in a combination as a powerful weight loss product. However, there are different steroid drugs which may cause side effects when used separately. Also, time they consume in bringing out desired effects may be more. However, this weight loss product released by Crazy Bulk helps in achieving all goals positively in no time. Since all drugs used in this formulation are legally accepted and strong for use, it would be effective to rely on this single product that helps in achieving all goals accordingly.

sarah rose
Top Features of the Samsung Galaxy S9

The communication has been changed in last few decades with the help of cell phones first and later with the smartphones. In the present era, the smartphone is widely used for communication as the user is not depended only on the texting or calling. There are many other messengers and applications with the help of which the user can communicate and also exchange various files including data files. There is hardly any task that a smartphone cannot do and that is the main cause why it has been so much popular in the market these days. Therefore there are many companies that started production and sales of the same. This lead to tough competition in the market and that is why the companies have to come up with latest features to their handsets. One of such leading companies in this field is Samsung. 

Samsung is one of the topmost mobile brands in the country, and it was founded in South Korea, Seoul in 1938. In the Indian market, this brand redefined the definition of android phones and was responsible for a major turnover for people being able to afford the same. Samsung first started off as an electrical device company and then shifted on to designing and making of mobile phones. The Galaxy series was a series of high-end smartphones. The series contains notes and phones which come in various price ranges and has a number of series’ under it. 

 Samsung being one of the oldest companies is definitely the one you can blindly trust while purchasing its products. There are different phones available at different prices, and one can check them out and compare at 91 mobiles for a better idea of where they are investing their money. Before buying a phone, one of the mandatory procedures is to do the research work and buy the phone which is best suited for you. Here are the features of the new Samsung Galaxy S9, which is speculated to release inJan 2018. 

Display and Screen

The new Samsung Galaxy S9 boasts of a 6 inch super AMOLED screen which has a screen resolution of 1440 x 2960 pixels. It has a pixel density of 549 pixels per inch. The screen also features gorilla glass 5 which helps to protect the screen during any unwanted fall. Hence this phone is much useful to every user irrespective of his type of use. 


The Samsung S9 will use Android V7.1.1 Nougat operating system, and the phone has dual quad-core processors (2.3 GHz M2 Mongoose + 1.7 GHz Cortex A53) which are set on a Samsung Exynos 9 Octa 9810 chipset.  Apart from that, it gloats of a 6GB RAM which will make sure that the phone runs without hanging or any hindrance. The 6GB RAM will also help the user to use multiple applications at the same time and play high-definition games without having to face any sort of lagging. With the help of the latest operating system, one can rely on this device for sure. 


The Samsung S9 will have dual primary cameras of 12MP each and 8MP secondary camera with a dual colour LED flash. The cameras have Exmor-RS CMOS Sensor and will also feature phase detection autofocus, Dual Pixel Autofocus, Digital image stabilization, Face detection, touch to focus, etc. This device supports 4K video recording at 30 frames per second. The front camera is capable of shooting 1080p HD pictures. Both the front and the back camera is capable of taking high-quality pictures which are immaculate and vibrant. Due to its amazing picture quality and video shooting features the user can get the desired results in this area with the help of this device. 

Battery and Storage

The smartphone will possess a lithium-ion battery of 3500 mAh, and the set will include a fast charging support charger. The battery backup is enough to run your phone for long hours but not enough to play music or games all the time. It has a USB Type C port for charging it from the computer. Those who are always worried about battery and storage must get this device to get a permanent solution.
The phone will have an internal memory of 64 GB which can be expanded through an external SD card to 128 GB. Thus, the phone is capable of storing lots of media files and document files with a good internal and expandable memory space. The user can enjoy songs, video clips and other sort of files as well as images on this device. 


The phone has a dual SIM slot for NANO SIM cards and also has a hybrid slot which can be used both for a SIM and an SD card. It is provided with numerous connectivity options like 4G, 3G and 2G networks along with Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, and USB Type C port. The brand has provided all the connectivity options that can help the user to exchange the data files to different devices easily. 


As the product is not yet officially announced, the expected price of the phone with its preliminary specifications is 62990 INR. Needless to say, it specifically falls under the range of the high-end phones available in the market. In this range the competition for the brand is tough, but with the help of the brand name and features, it can definitely do well in the market. 


The Samsung Galaxy S9, being a product of one of the topmost phone brands, is definitely expected to be a sound performer. The features of the phone are good enough, but it somewhere falls short when kept in tandem with the price that is paid for the same. It definitely has features like being totally water resistant and has the best operating system and screen features, but it does not have the best battery backup or camera features. Undoubtedly a great phone, if you are looking forward to buying this phone you should look into your priorities and then make the decision.

Sandeep malik
Healthcare Recruiting Was Never Easy

Healthcare industry holds various positions as well as it keeps on changing itself with its processes. The policies, System processes, procedures, and technology always change in healthcare. So healthcare recruiting can be a pretty tough job sometimes. Now if anyone is thinking about what actually a healthcare recruiter is,it is described here. A healthcare recruiter is a person who helps in connecting medical personals such as physical therapists, nurses, physicians, occupational therapists, etc. with a permanent or traveling/part time job opportunities.  But every tough job has a process to make it simple and it will be discussed here.  There are three very simple processes by which one can stay in the industry those are reading, rounding and shadowing. The processes are described below—

Ensure the value of the content you are reading: Reading is a great way to stay updated in the field and industry news. One can read anytime in a day so this method will give him a lot of flexibility. He can start with associations and affiliated organizations and field related societies. Hecan Google for the topics and news or he can read blogs of famous writers writing about the same.  Before the round, he must read a lot about the process which will surely help him in dealing with his hiring manager with a great choice of words.

Scheduled rounding: One must be on a scheduled time for rounding with the hiring managers as it is a tough job and needs time and concentration. Rounding process is planned from a lot before and there a bunch of questions is asked which are impactful on the upcoming recruiting process. So he has to ensure that the meeting occurs every hour. Rounding is a simple but effective method to keep the communication nice and healthy with the hiring manager.

Shadowing:  It is a process of giving information to the recruiter about the position for which they are trying to recruit. The significance of the change in positions will state about his frequency in shadowing.

There will be assessment process like medical laboratorytechnician assessment process which will assess his suitability for the skilled occupation of Medical Laboratory Scientist and/or Medical Laboratory Technician. So,one has to be up to the task always. Nowadays in the world, a recruiter will communicate with the leaders daily and show the fast passing aspect of the daily life which we are living now. The simple methods are going to open the communicative gates between the hiring manager and the recruiter so that they can be clear on the point that what they want to hire actually and hire the candidate accordingly. So, now it is clear to all that the job healthcare recruiters do is not easy at all but if someone does it properly using the proper ways, no job in this world is difficult to do.

So, people who are thinking of becoming one, get proper training first as this jobs need perfection a lot more than other jobs.

Sandeep malik Wednesday, 27 September 2017