How to Protect Your Kids from Kidnappers

According to a number of statistics, it is a proven fact that most child kidnappings and abductions involved a distant or a close family member, but then there are also those cases where a stranger might be the predator using your child for his or her own nefarious reasons. While in case of a parent that does not have the custody of the child and abducts his or her own child, the reason behind which is more or less self explanatory, but when a strangers kidnap children, it has been reported that such children would most often be literally used like objects in one of the following ways:

  1. They can be assaulted sexually and then murdered.
  2. They can be kept locked up in the abductors home and be used in whatever way they deem it to be fit.
  3. They can be sold into child prostitution or to wealthy bidders as sex slaves.
  4. They can become part of the child trafficking mafia and be sent overseas.
  5. Some paedophiles or child molesters may keep them in their homes as their own personal sex slaves.
  6. They can be kidnapped for the purpose of organ harvesting and organ trade.

What Can Parents Do To Prevent This?
With all such things being a vital reality of our lives and the world that we live in we have to keep in mind, as parents and as guardian of young and impressionable children that they can come to harm in any way at all. There are too many sick and nefarious people in the world for you to even contemplate and they always do not look like how they portray them in the movies. There have been instances where the people considered the pillars of a society are caught having kidnapped young girls and boys and then have kept them captive in their outhouses and basements only to use them to fulfil their carnal desires.

Here are things that parents and guardians can do that can play a huge role in protecting their wards from the clutches of such predators:

Tell Them About The Dangers
“Why did you tell me there was danger, why didn’t you warn me?”, a dialogue out of Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles, is something that is perfectly applicable to a situation such as this. Parents, out of care and ignorance usually do not tell their children about the dangers they might be surrounded with. Maybe they do it out of need to preserve their child’s innocence for the time being for they might not want to scare their children, but whatever the case is such circumstances never ends up being in the favour of the child because they do not know what they should protect themselves from and what experiences should they open themselves to.

Lookout for Them
As a parent it is your duty to look out for your children and to ensure that no harm ever comes to them. In order to do that, you need to look out for them and keep an eye on the people they surround themselves with. There has been a case of a 14 year old girl who was kidnapped by a man who had worked for the family a year ago and kidnapped the girl right out of her bed while her 9 year old sister slept next to her. For reasons such as these you need to treat everyone as a suspect and not trust them even when they have proved themselves to be entirely trustworthy, especially when it comes to your children

Accompany Them Everywhere They Go
When you accompany your children everywhere they go, school, park, mall, their friend’s house, everywhere, any potential kidnapper might find it hard to find a way to get close enough to your child in order to abduct them. Therefore, your presence gives your child an additional layer of protection unlike any other you can give them. Furthermore, a tween or an early teen may be fine with their parents driving them around everywhere they would want to go, but the same cannot be said for teens or young adults, who might find themselves on the receiving end of incessant nagging and bullying by their peers if they catch them being driven around and chaperoned by an adult. For teens, using parental monitoring app might be the best thing you can do. This way, you wouldn’t even have to embarrass them and yet know wherever they are at any given time or if they are okay or not and not lose any sleep over it.

Author Bio:
Addison is a technology writer, security apps adviser and also social media marketer. He writes on latest trends and gadgets check his work on keep your kids away from kind people. To know more about him follow on twitter @addisonalbert55

sarah rose Tuesday, 31 January 2017
Internet usage of mobile app are increasing as double the time in China

China is the country where the population is higher than other countries. The Chinese are very excellent in their innovative thing and inventing capacity. They are always implementing the technology as per their requirement to the project. Nowadays mobile applications are rocking everywhere to achieve their needs and it can be processed through online.
Internet connections are mandatory to update our day to day life information and delivering the details etc. The mobile applications are available in the apple’s app store or play store and it can be downloaded with the help of internet connection. Comparing to other countries, the china has spent twice the time on the mobile applications with the internet users who are all accessing the websites.
Basically, the mobile applications can be accessed in the handheld devices like smartphones. Chinese are spending twice the time on a mobile app with the internet users who are doing business or having entertainment. According to the recent survey, 65 percent of people who are all in China have spent more time on the mobile application. It shows the technological improvement in the mobile applications and websites. 
Special applications
There are so many apps are available in the play store and app store and maximum of it could be uploaded by the people of china. They are inventing and implementing some more new techs which are related to the current world. They apps are related to different kinds of projects like games, traveling, business marketing and telecommunication etc.
Chinese introduces some new applications which are accessible within their country and those are named as Youku, Snake wars, IQIYI, Tencent video applications, Digi chuxing etc. Through these applications, china can be able to have high revenue in the enterprise management.
Travelling applications
Chinese have designed so many apps for traveling and this is the main reason to get the top most places in the app management. These apps are always preferred by the business people who are all busy with their every day’s schedule. By this app, the speculator easily can have a safe voyage in short time duration.
Gaming applications
Snake war is the best game which is designed by the Chinese and it occupies the special place in the Google play store. It has some unique specifications than other applications which are used to entertain the people. Gaming applications are mostly used by the teenage people and children to get some entertainment.
Mobile apps vs. PCs
Mobile applications are the software design to perform certain operations and it is available only in the handheld devices like Smartphones. Personal computers are the systems to achieve some process for the specific project. There is a difference between the mobile applications and personal computers. A mobile app is a wireless connection to activate and personalize the specifications.
But, the personal computers require wired connection to activate and it is complicated to carry everywhere. It doesn’t have an application rather than the web pages in the system. So, the people always prefer the mobile application in their life to deal the work. The Chinese web users are spending more time on mobile applications than PC web pages.
The mobile apps are the pervasive one and the performance of mobile app will provide the increased amount of internet usage with particular data. The mobile of implementation and updating is perfectly done through the internet facility. Most of the internet users are utilizing the time on mobile app in China than the US. Dramatically, the usages of mobile applications are increased when compared to the personal computers web pages.
Gaining traction in China
Desktop search engine users are being up to 566 million and they are accessing the PC web pages to increase the utilization rate. In china, mobile search engine gaining traction is increased by the performance and specifications of Smartphones. Additionally, the mobile applications are requiring some amount of data for the purpose of accessing it. There is 94 percent of online users are available while 70 percent users in the US to access the online apps.
According to the recent survey, the people in china access the mobile application for 49 hours per month per user. In the US, 45 hours per month per user is accessing the mobile application and it is gradually increased to five percent. Even though some of the social media like Facebook and Twitter are working with the US, the Chinese are adding some more features with those messaging apps.
The reason trailing it
Most of the mobile applications depend upon some technical factors like internet connection, time utilization, and data dependence. Since the mobile applications are introduced, it changes its specifications by adding some additional features. The people in china are being aware of these things and they are inventing some tech component innovatively. If we are using a mobile app there is a possibility of having an online traffic and for this purpose Chinese are implementing the app.
Data acquisition is possible through the mobile application to decrease the online traffic. By using a mobile app, we can perform so many processes like online marketing, making contact with people and sharing the information etc. Not surprisingly, Two-Third of people is accessing the mobile application with the internet connection in china. In china, 1.3 million of people are having Smartphone with different kinds of mobile applications.
Accessing speed of mobile app
Depends upon the mobile operating system, the application has the speed to work. If the performances of the mobile applications are in speed, it will reduce the time utilization of application and data. It will be very useful to the speculators who are having lots of indispensable work to do. There are so many unique users for mobile applications with various expectations which are related to the specific project. Because of this time management technique, the adoption of data in the app can be properly achieved.
Current scenario in china
The iresearch says that the mobile applications are gradually replaced by the digital media, social network and some other wanted projects. It could be the best way to increase their country’s revenue status corresponding to the field of work. Starcom Mediavest group has revealed the details of internet users in china who are spending almost twice on the mobile applications.
Still, we people don’t one thing i.e. some of the social media like Facebook and some advertisements are banned in china to use. They are accessing these technical software concepts for the formal process. Chinese has certain stakes to invent something which is related to the technological improvement. All these processes are achieved by the parent company of UCweb in the china.
As per their sincerity and dedication towards the invention, the people are in china has spent double the time on a mobile app than US people. In the upcoming generation, the mobile app will change with lots of advanced features. It exits the technological growth in the country and the Chinese have invested a lot for their forthcoming technical generation. The person in china prefers maximum mobile applications than Personal computer’s web pages. Eventually, we are coming to know that the online assessment of software app in the mobile network is higher than the US.
Author Bio :-
Andrew Shah is a digital marketing manager at, a leading PHP script development company that offers valuable services to clients. As a professional, he is interested in developing new mobile apps with Zoplay scripts that will benefit both customers and business owners.

Shubhi Gupta Friday, 27 January 2017
5 Useful Tips to Deal With Stress

In this day and age, it is normal that you constantly have to deal with stress. The truth is, when you have to take a lot of responsibilities and things that do not work out the way you want it to be.

Stress, with the perfect amount, will help to generate energy to deal with things in life by pushing your body to get them done. However, a lot amount of stress is among the reasons that lead to many health issue. Therefore, if you are under stress, you might have to deal with some health condition such as: anxiety, insomnia, muscle pain or the most common one is high blood pressure.  Eventually, if you cannot get over stress, you will have to put up with major illness, or even heart diseases and the worst is depression.

One of the most noticeable signs of stress is that it might cause acne and blemishes.

Since stress is caused by lots of outside factors, one of the best ways to deal with it is to overcome those factors. As simple as it might sound, you would think that if you are under stress by work, you just need to finish them; or stress by exams or school, you just need to get good marks. However, it is not just that as things will get awfully complicated when there are so many things you have to deal with in life. Therefore, the best way is changing your attitude. After all, all the problems simply come from your attitude towards life.

There are actually some simple ways you can practice to make yourself happier and get out of stress. All you need are time and persistence to do so.

1. Take a break
This is understandable and if you dare to try, it works effectively. The reason is very simple. You just need to imagine your body is like a machine, once it has to work constantly, it needs to rest. This would help rest well and recharge energy so that you should perform this daily task without feeling too drained.
All you need to do is when you work for too long, you just need to take few minutes off. Alternatively, just walk around, for this helps to circulate well. And while you doing so, you can look into the long distance to entertain your eyes. This action should be done every hour to avoid stress and you had better keep doing it for at least 5 minute per session.

2. Exercises
Quite similar to the above and you are recommended to practice exercise for at least one hour a day. This is good not only for your mental health but also for your physical health so that you can have a good fit and sound body. If you are persistent, the result can be surprisingly good because it can also be super beneficial for your skin.

You can either take the gym or do yoga every morning as you wake up. This is the best way that helps you have good health and keep your mood up high, which would make you feel stress no more.

3. Get socialized
For those who might feel leaf-out in this life where there's no one to help you, turn out people are still there for you. It is just the problem of your attitude. In such case, it will be really helpful by a call for friends or your relative. It would be the best if they could give you a hand to share your workload. The truth is, all you need for getting rid of stress is to be listened and then one by one you could handle the struggles you are dealing with.

4. Mediate
This way might sound a bit old-fashioned, however, it works perfectly well for your general health. Meditating or doing yoga is the best way to help you to calm your mind, and a peaceful mind is the best solution for every problem. The reason is that your mind is too busy dealing with those problems and pressure and once you can calm it down, it would be more cautious and effective to solve any problem.

If you want to find the best result, the recommendation is to add a little bit of essential oil in a bowl of hot water and leave them in the room or in front of your face. This trick can also make your skin healthier and more brightened.

5. Taking on a Hobby
Sometimes, stress does not come from heavy workload or school work, it comes from pressure from your relatives and your life. In such case, along with being listened, you can opt for better solution. It is just super simple for you can take on a new hobby. This does not only help you to forget about what you have to deal with but also useful as you can learn a new skill or might find something that you really like, which might be helpful for your future job. It can be learning a new language, play a musical instrument or learn ti dance or to sing. It might even make you a cooler person than you can ever think of.

About the Author:
This article is written by Ashley Bennet, a co-owner of AuthorityRemedies. I have worked and trained in the field of Nutrition and Health for over 3 years, consistently providing people with useful information about nutrition as well as helping them with their common health problems.

sarah rose Thursday, 26 January 2017
Top Foundation For Every Skin Type

Foundations are the basic step for the makeup, and the ultimate desire look also depends on the exact selection of foundations. The Foundation is something with these customers does not want to do a lot of trial and error. Proper selection of foundation is very much important for an ideal look. Too fair or too dark both the looks are not at all interesting. The skin types also differ from one to another. Some skins are very dry type; some skins are very oily types. So selecting a proper foundation is a bit tough job. But there are some brands which are available in the markets are suitable for every skin type. No matter whatever is the skin type. Many brands are available in the market, depending on the customer review we can judge the skin foundation reviews and can discuss all the important names for every skin type usage.
Chanel Vitalumier Aqua Ultra-Light Skin Perfecting Makeup Instant Natural Radiance SPF 15:
This one is nothing but the artist kit. This is the best one for full coverage and natural glow. For one application should use moisturizer first and then a little amount of this foundation with the finger tip for a natural finish.
MAC Studio Fix
This is the favorite one in fashion shows. The most used foundation in the backstage of any fashion show. The coverage effect diverse from full to medium. It rectifies any imperfection in the skin tone. This will keep the skin very smooth and will give the smooth effect for the entire day. The MAC Studio Fix is a product on which anyone can rely specifically before going to party or festival.
Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation
This product is just perfect for correcting any blemishes, any uneven texture. This provides a complete flawless skin, and the effect continues for mostly 24 hours. This is a full coverage product, and this one is within the budget of the buyer.
YSL Le Teint Touch Eclat
This product is just best for the natural glow. This is a famous brand for making an all over face product, with a light reflecting formula. That gives a soft and smooth texture to the skin.
Bourjois City Radirence Foundation
This product is the best for anti-pollution usages. This will keep our skin safe from the pollution of the environment. This product comes with spf30, and this foundation is just perfect for the city girls. This foundation gives the dual result. It protects from pollution as well as from sunburn.
Clinique Superbalanced Makeup
This is the best product for combination skin. This product is completely oil free. This product can absorb oil from T-zone as well as provides a moisturizer to the dry part of the face. This one is the classic product for anytime best result for combination skin.
Above discussed products are well available in the market. Depending on the skin type and the need one can choose any of the products easily. These products are the just perfect for use as well as for customer satisfaction.

Shubhi Gupta Monday, 16 January 2017
Terrific potential apps for the business undertakers

Nowadays, there is an app for everything, business and enterprises are not exceptions in this criterion. Most of the businesses have their own mobile apps. The enterprises, which don’t have the mobile apps, are in the attempt to create one. Having a mobile app for the business will have a clear picture about the business’s objectives and its visibility. It increases the traffic for the business and has a very good client and customer relationship. Having a mobile app is the wisest step beyond having the responsive website.

Having an app is a kind of expansion of the product. An app can yield success if it was created well. An app allows the business to represent their product as a solution for customer’s problem. An app will take the advantage of the device’s capabilities to show the user how they can satisfy the customer needs.

With the help of the apps, a business can set up a virtual office and they can increase the customer relationships.

The best productivity apps for the entrepreneurs are as follows.

Evernote is the best note taking app. This app captures photos of receipts, designs and it takes the meeting notes from a digital pen or by scanning. Users can also make use of this app for the creative aspects also. Users can store important documents like passport, business cards, license, and the memories, which they don’t want to forget. Users can even store the recipes of their favorite dish.

This is not available for free. Users have to pay $5 for the premium membership; it has some limited offers for the free account. With the help of Evernote alternative, users can have a fruitful note making. Evernote doesn’t offer speech recognition option. Many professionals have started to use this app for having better note taking experience.

Two primary important things for an entrepreneur is, innovative idea, and someone should get inspired by them. An entrepreneur can get the inspiration from anywhere. The inspiration depends on their creativity.  Blogs, pictures, videos and articles may be the sources of inspiration for the entrepreneurs. The Pocket can also be the source of inspiration for the entrepreneurs. What pocket does is, it will store the user’s data from the browser, apps like Flipboard, Twitter, Zite, Pulse Pinterest, etc to the phone, tablet or computer. Internet connection is not necessary for this.

People who don’t have time to go through the particular piece of data, the best option for them are they can simply use the pocket. Above all, it is totally free. There are huge ranges of options available for the pocket. These options depend on the user’s interest such as analytics, music, leadership, elections, food, art and much more.

This app ends with a good note.

The entrepreneurs will have many duties to do. They have to fix the meetings and workshops, conduct seminars and they have to attend the seminars, they have to make many transactions, most importantly they have to travel many places.  The LastPass will manage all the user accounts and it helps people to remember different passwords for their different accounts. LastPass syncs between the systems and it manage multi-factor authentications.

This app can change passwords for the users and audit them as well. All the users need to do is, they have to remember the LastPass’s master password. This is just enough to manage and audit all their passwords. It has many stored logins. This app is best one for the entrepreneurs than the other apps.
The drawback is that it will not have the best reputation for customer service and it will not support Kindle greatly. But busy entrepreneurs can make the best benefit use it.

Focus Booster
This app was designed to help the entrepreneurs to concentrate more on their work. It is a guide for the entrepreneurs to overcome from all the distractions. It keeps track of the individual thoroughly. It checks how much time the person takes to complete an activity. This will help the person to focus on their more on their work and overcome all the inevitable distractions. The app has the features called “instant timesheet” and “manual time entry”; these two features make the time tracking easier. It displays the time taken for each activity with the instant and easy reports. The productivity of an individual can be measured by the graphs and charts; these charts have the aspect like weekly productivity, client share, revenue, client sessions, etc.

The app is not available for free. Users have to pay $2.99 for the subscription amount. The productivity of the app lies in its usage.

Only the entrepreneur would what will happen if they lose important data like files, contacts, research, etc. Dropbox helps the entrepreneurs to keep their data safe. There is no subscription for this app. This app is available free. This app is very convenient and people can use it without any difficulties. The users have a major advantage of storage when users share any files using Dropbox.

Developers or the administrators who maintain this service has the right to cut out the information or deactivate the Dropbox account, if the account is not useful for sensitive files. This is the drawback of Dropbox. And there are few security issues. With encryption, users can’t upload the data. This is another drawback of the system.

Entrepreneurs largely invest in the systems and structures. Many entrepreneurs will think like, they should build first and organize later. This app helps them to have short and long-term improvements in efficiency in their work. It helps to have a good control over the project management tool, which in turn yields high productivity and will help to improve the fame of the business.

This app reminds the users about the latest conversations, notes, and emails. So, it will be useful for the entrepreneurs to check the Highrise app before attending the sales or client meeting. It is the simple and effective way for the entrepreneurs to show the client that they are well-versed and more accomplished. And they can show the client that they remember all the information up-to-date.

SignEasy is one of the best apps for the entrepreneurs. This app allows the users to sign the documents via the Smartphone; users need not print the documents or need not sign manually and then scan it for maintaining it digitally. This app will really help the entrepreneurs and make their work easier, as they need to sign a lot of paper works.

This is an absolutely simple app and an effective one too. With this app, you can send an email to yourself without any extra steps. It saves about 30 minutes in email checking.

Yammer is an incredible mobile app. It helps the entrepreneur to share their ideas with their fellow mates. All the teammates will be updated with the latest news by using an app called yammer. Any changes in the project will be easily updated. This app is also one of the important apps for the entrepreneurs.

About 600,000 entrepreneurs use the app called Flippa. This app displays hundreds and thousands of the auction listings at just a single touch of a finger. With just a simple scroll feature user can view details, watch a listing and last bid right the auction from the phone.

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