Do you know Baby skin needs extra careduring winters?

Baby’s skin is always very sensitive and soft. They cannot retain the softness if they are exposed to harsh conditions. So, taking special care for the baby’s skin is very much needed, always. According to season change the care regime of baby’s skin also changes. In summer it has a type of regime which automatically changes in winter. This is because; in summer the weather condition is completely opposite of the winter. So the way of taking care of the skin also changes.

Mama earth baby products can actually help a lot. They have a wide range of kid’s skin care products and the parents can use them easily on their baby’s skin. Now, winter is something which is always dry and cold. This dry weather is always harsh on the baby’s skin. They have a very delicate skin and cold weather can be very cruel on them. That is why; a little bit of extra care can help them a lot. There are few things that should be followed as a winter skin care regime and as a result, the skin will hold its softness and delicateness to the core.

If you are a new parent and you are bit confused on how to take care of your toddler’s skin then here are some tips which are definitely going to help you. Not only skin but one has to take care of the clothes as well.

  • The winter weather is always dried and chapped. These effects directly to the skin making it dry as well. So you need to bathe your baby every alternate day and in fact avoid bathing them if it is too cold outside. You can dip your towel in Luke warm water and wipe your baby from head to toe and then change their clothes.
  • After the wiping is done you can apply a baby lotion or a skin moisturiser when the bathing is done and this will help the baby’s skin to retain its moisture amidst this dry weather.
  • Oil massage is very good for a baby’s skin especially in winter. You can take baby oil and massage their entire body at least twice a day. The oil penetrates in the skin and retains the softness of it entirely. On the other hand, the daily massage can strengthen the baby’s muscles and bones making them strong as well.
  • Chapped and cracked lips are also a huge problem in winter. One has to apply a cream or a lip care gel on the baby’s lips and cheeks at a regular interval of two or three hours so that they remain soft and supple. You can also apply a petroleum gel which is especially made for babies which will retain their skin’s softness.
  • The other important thing is, you have to make your baby drink lukewarm water. This will help the baby’s skin remain hydrated for a long time.
  • You need to make your baby wear appropriate warm clothes to beat the cold. Make them wear soft and warm garments, not the one which will irritate their soft skin. Keep in mind, harsh woollens can lead to rashes on baby’s skin.

Use the products which are actually good for babies and are dermatological tested. Earth mamababy organics are good for your baby’s skin.

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