Creating Personal Spaces in your Own Villa

As we get urbanised, our lives have turned hectic besides the noise and pollution of the cities like Bangalore. The city though is the most preferred destination among the aspiring youth of India for finding a job and settling down, is a fast moving and developing place that provides very little calmness that our body and mind requires after a busy day of work.
When it comes to owning a house in Bangalore, this thought definitely rules the mind of every buyer and compels him/her to consider buying residential plots in North Bangalore as apartments and villas in these areas provide a sense of privacy. Devanahalli and Chikkaballapur are the favourite spots where villa projects are being sold as hot cakes.
However, home is a place that is synonymous to something very personal. Therefore buying or building one in an area that provides a secluded feeling is not enough. Creating a personal space in the apartment or villa that one owns is also very important. Homes are always meant to foster togetherness and bond between family members and therefore it is a social space. However, it is good to have a personal sanctuary or a calm zone in the house where one spends time only for oneself and therefore release the stress. The personal space can vary from an entire room to a very small area in a big room. Following are certain tips for creating personal spaces in one’s own villa.

Corners are the best places that will serve as private space. Regardless of how big or small the apartment or plots near international airport Bangalore is there would definitely be a corner that has all the eligibility to be converted into that cosy space where one wants to come and relieve all the stress. Converting these areas according to one’s taste is the next job.
Those who find solace in reading books can convert this area into a reading nook with a comfortable couch to sit, a compact rack to arrange the favourite books, a lamp that will provide ample light and will also not disturb others at night.
On the other hand, there are people who find happiness and release stress while they are among plants. Regardless of the fact that villas have very little garden area, converting that little space into a sunny and delightful area will work wonders. Enjoying the morning coffee with a newspaper amongst these ornamental flowers are fresh greenery is sheer happiness.
The space should be publically private, which means that though the area is the part of the house, its look should radiate a private vibe. Owners should also be careful to avoid distractions in their personal space as it can ruin the mood.
A personal space in one’s home need not always be a secluded nook. It can also be an area where you indulge in an activity you like to do. It can be the room where the sewing machine is kept if you like stitching. The best personal space for a person who loves plants is definitely the garden. And for those who love cooking, kitchen is the place where the cook in you creates magical recipes. This is indeed a stress reliever and not a special space that needs to be created.
If this is not possible, then placing a thing that one is attached to or has any special memory, deepens the attachment with that personal space.
It is very important that form and utility is kept in mind while creating a personal space. However, one should not skip on things that give a cosy and personal feel to the space.

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