Common flaws found in websites if a professional designer is not hired

Today website designing has come across a long way, but still there is always a scope for improvement. Some of the websites suffer from a lower traffic activity because some of the major web designing mistakes that are quite often made by the novice designers. Thus, it is very important for the website owners to search for a professional who is an expert and has an experience of good many years.

Here are a few mistakes that can happen if a professional web design company Brisbane is not fetched. These mistakes can be a speed breaker in the reputation of the brand.

Wrong Content atthe Wrong Place

By now it has been well understood that content is one of the most important factors of any website. But many of the freshers do not understand the fact that just providing content is not enough. The content has to be at a proper place where the visitors can find them effectively. This is because if the viewer is not able to get the information at the right placein first 30 seconds, he or she will opt to press on the cross button on the top right of the website.

Hidden Links

Many of designers think that designing extra for the important links can make them more visible for the viewers. This is a very wrong idea as this may have an adverse effect. Some of the extra designing is considered as just some art work by the viewers and hence they skip out this portion and the links remain as hidden. So, again this is a huge mistake that is done by many of the designers who are not aware of the tricks that is needed in a proper website designing.

Extra Content with Lesser Information

Many of the web designers have a thinking these days that the viewers get attracted if the content is attractive and good to read. Of course, this is a strong point, but only if the viewers are able to get information also in this interesting block of texts. If the content is good to look at with videos and images but the information searched by the viewer is not available in it or is available in a minimal amount, then again it is a failure on the part of the website as well as the designer.

Confusing Navigation

Using of filters has become quite popular these days in order to provide great user experience to the viewers. But many of the novice designers think about the navigation tools as per their own thoughts. This can be confusing for many viewers and hence they may leave the website without fetching the information that they need.
Apart from these many mistakes stated above, there are many other mistakes too such as:

·        Poor search results,
·        Struggle to get back to a desired page,
·        Hidden details such as prices of contacts,
·        Repetitive links,
·        Information islands,
·        Competing categories and links.

To avoid such mistakes conducted by designers, it is always advised to go for the professional experts in website design services Brisbane who have an experience of many years. 

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