How to choose an EU passport?

EU passport is a dream for those who know the value of it. European Union passport means that you are going to become a part of the states having 495 million citizens and you will be allowed to travel all twenty seven (27) member states / countries which belong to the European Union. Though all states belong to the EU yet they have their own laws and borders. Once you got the European Union Passport you will be able to do job/business and travel in any other European Union’s state freely.

For EU passport you will have to choose any European country to live in. To apply for the nationality / passport of any country / state is must to become a citizen and free bird of the twenty seven states of European Union.  Once you became national of any European State, you can travel to any of the member state of European Union. Unfortunately, United Kingdom is no more with European Union otherwise you would have taken much advantage to travel to United Kingdom as well. The exclusion of United Kingdom though made upset to many people in European Union but it is also a fact that the natives of United Kingdom are also very upset with this decision as they will also be asked for the visa if they intend to travel to any European state.
You can go to any EU state for study and obtain your degree from one of the best universities and then claim for the permanent resident ship though the proper channel. You can fulfill the requirement of the state in which you are studying and get the EU passport. Many students who go there in any state of EU mostly apply for EU passport after completing their degree and initiate their lives there.
You can also make an ancestral claim. There are many states of the European Union who offers a legitimate claim for citizenship of those who are recognized ancestry. Those who prove their ancestors belonged to the EU state you may get the country’s citizenship easily though it will take a little time but the case would be in your favor. Ireland is an example where many people made ancestry claim and shifted in Ireland as citizen.
If you learn the native language of the state you want to settle in will give you much benefit. Many countries including Germany, Romania and Latvia etc want you to speak their language and adopt their culture which ultimately results in politeness and favor when you claim the nationality.
Forget not that many EU states require your living record in their state to check how you moved in the society. Many states have a certain policy of two, three or five years of your resident in their state and professional record. So if you want a European passport, remember you should go for a state whose policies are polite and requirement is minimum.

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