Points to consider in the choice of toys

he shiny plastic toys and battery operated cars, trains, and other attractive stuff that your child may be hankering for can be harmful for him. These toys usually contain chemicals like bisphenol-A, lead, PVC, phthalates,etc. Children, especially very young ones, get very close to these toys for a long time and often chew on these. This exposes them to the risks of illnesses like cancer, asthma, skin conditions, mental retardation, etc.

The battery-operated toys are more harmful than others. The batteries in these toys get exhausted quickly and makes for a steady stream of garbage to the landfills. These spent batteries contain very harmful and toxic chemicals. These toys and batteries, like every used object, end up in the landfills and pollute the environment. The toxic elements in these pollute the ground water and in turn the vegetation which may then end up as foodstuffon your child’s plate. Thus, these shiny pieces of attraction may end up ruining your child’s health comprehensively.

Nevertheless, you can prevent this if you buy those toys which use only natural and non-toxic products, such asShumee toys. You can go for online shopping for Shumee toys to prevent crowded stores and trickster shopkeepers.

So, one thing which emerges out from the discussion till now is that the Shumee toys are environment friendly and they are imaginative in nature. They are made of wood most of the times, and draped in nontoxic, water based colours which are designed in such a manner that they will engage the kids to the core. Each toy has an educational angle attached to it, and a lot of research has been done on how to keep the kids engage and this is with the age appropriate considerations in mind as well. Strict quality standards are in place as far as the production aspects are concerned.

Toys that invoke curiosity and imagination
Apart from the aspect of health hazard, the toys that are available in the market also seem to be out of sync with the tendencies and abilities of children. There is no dearth of expensive toys, but there seems to be a real dearth of toys that switch on the cognitive, imaginative and creative faculties of children. Shumee toys are born out of the necessity to come up with toys that help children in honing their cognitive, imaginative and creative skills. The toys are made of wood and coated with water based colours. This makes them safe for the children. This also makes the toys eco-friendly. Apart from this, these toys have been designed to keep up with the age appropriate tendencies, abilities, and interests. You can buy kids Shumee toys online India.

There are rattles and tethersto engage the infant’s baby’s attention. For toddlers, there is guitar, musical carousals, etc. Give him the guitar and he will get immersed in experimenting with sounds. Get him the musical carousel and your child is simply going to fall in love with it. Then there are the puzzles and blocks for elder children which will force them to bring their imaginative potential to the fore. The wooden rocking horse is another piece of item that your child is simply going to cling on to for a long time to come. Whatever be the age of your child there is something for him.

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