Useful Hacks for Faster House Cleaning

Being a housemaid is surely a tough job when you have to deal with so much cleaning stuff on the daily basis. People hire housemaids because they are badly stuck with their busy schedule. Having stuck with the packed routine, people especially housewives don’t get enough time for their family. In that case, hiring housemaid is the only options they are left with. Having said, they have good expectations from the housemaid as everybody wants the house clean and tidy.
In the city like Dubai where the life is so fast that family life usually gets compromised. In that case, housemaids in Dubai can be of great help. If you are a housemaid, here are few amazing quick housecleaning hacks that you must check out;

Cut the Clutter
It’s essential to get rid of as much clutter as possible when you start to clean. Such as; pull off the trash; take bathmats and towels out of the bathroom, clear off counters and surfaces, strip the bed, and etc. It's won't only make you feel like getting rid of most of the clutter quickly but things will get simpler for you. This way, you will be less likely to clean around clutter and more likely to head on for the perfect cleaning.

Whack the Curtains
Things get really dusty while cleaning the curtains through a vacuum. In that case, you can go with the whack. In between cleaning, just don't use vacuum over your curtains and drapes. Instead, use the hand towel and then you can easily vacuum off the dust that fell on the floor. For sure, it works truly well when you use the right size of hand towel that ensures good cleaning and doesn't get exhausting as well.

Vacuum Before Mopping
Obviously, you would never want you mop carry any more dust as its second coat for better cleaning after getting rid of the dust. As per the best housemaids in Dubai, it’s important to make sure that you don’t mop hard over the floor just because there is already too much dust over the floor. So just try to pull all dust off the floor through deep vacuuming and then you can go with the smooth mopping. That's pretty easy and effective, which ensures better cleaning as well.

Spray Cleaning
Since there are many options for this, you can either go for home-made or the store-bought cleaners. In case you are ambiguous about the store-bought cleaners, trust those cleaners really do the perfect job. Though homemade are also pretty good so go with whatever you feel convenient with. As per the housemaids in Dubai, spray the surfaces and then move on to other cleaning stuff until they sit and soak. You won’t really have to work really hard when you return because the cleaning spray will have done all the heavy lifting for you.
In a nutshell, these hacks are proven and have been suggested by the leading housemaids. So just apply these hacks and make your cleaning easier than ever.

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