The Effect of Scottish Independence on the Australian Flag

With the Scottish independence referendum has come some speculation that the vote would affect Australia’s flag, but this is highly misleading. Some articles suggest that a “yes” vote could cause the re-design of the flag, but a fairly equal amount of experts do not agree that any changes should be made if Scotland should secede. In addition, any variation to the Australian flag design will require prior approval at a referendum, as laid out by Section 3 of the Flags Act, meaning no changes can be made without a vote of the people.
Our flag, which will celebrate its 116th birthday September 3rd, will continue on to be Australia’s chief national symbol without exception. Is clearly shown through multiple polls that the Australian flag is far more popular now than ever, even if some citizens are beginning to forget its history. As the first ever flag designed with a nationwide competition, it is a dear piece of world and Australian history that should not be pushed aside just because of the Scottish vote outcome.
A National Act
By inviting all Australians to create their own design, it is possible for something truly unique and beautiful to be created. Just over 1 percent of the Australian population sent in a design, making that total a staggering 33,000, which is something that cannot be ignored. The Australian flag is part of the continent’s rich history, and should be left as is regardless of the secession of Scotland.
This is one flag design that has unified Australia for more than 100 years, and should be proudly flown for as long as citizens remain united. This is a connection to the past, present, and future, and the flag is something its citizens created together. Let Australians come together to rejoice the continuation of a beautiful flag and the unifying symbol of its flight.
Although the design remains the same, the very first flag flown in 1903 has disappeared and cannot be found as of today. Allan Pidgeon from Brisbane and others are searching tirelessly to find the location of this unique piece of history to bring it back into the public eye. After winning the competition, the flag was supposedly sent to a museum, but is current whereabouts are completely unknown.
If you have any information whatsoever about the original Australian flag’s whereabouts or where it could have been at one time, this is your chance to help bring a piece of history back to life. The Australian flag, with its seven-pointed Commonwealth star, should continue to be an important aspect of the current way people feel pride in their state or territory. Having it changed due to a vote or for nearly any other reason could not only be a huge expense, but it could cause a huge disturbance while a new design is introduced.
Fly your flag proudly, and be sure to be aware of the search for the original flag. If found, a beautiful and meaningful moment in Australian history would be restored. 

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