What is Tribulus Terrestris?

Tribulus Terrestris is a short plant or herb that produces flowering fruits which is dried out to form small thorny seeds. Similar to other herbs it also consists of many potent ingredients inside of itself. But it’s the ingredient named saponin or saponin protodioscin which is most widely used chemical component in steroids. Puncture vine, Goat-head, Cat's head and Devil's weed are some common nicknames of this herb. It bolsters the testosterone level in your body which in turn enhances your performances. What to stack with tribulus terrestris? Stacking: Stacking is nothing but in taking two or more supplements simultaneously in order to attain results in very short amount of time.

Now the quality of this herb depends upon the quantity of saponin it has got in itself. More the quantity of this ingredient better result will be rendered to you. This differs from place to place. What to stack with tribulus terrestris. For example, the herbs harvested from countries like Turkey, Macedonia and Bulgaria tend to have more saponin levels as compared to herbs that have been harvest from countries like India, China and Vietnam as they have low saponin levels.

Why do people intake Tribulus?
Most people consume Tribulus to enhance their body size, to get a good physique and to improve their overall athletic performance. It is also used to treat heart diseases, circulatory conditions, sexual problems and infertility. The effectiveness of the treatment depends upon the quality of the extract. There is no concrete evidence found regarding its effectiveness towards the above mentioned diseases. An ideal Tribulus extract should contain about 6% protodioscins and between 40 to 45% of saponins.

What to stack with Tribulus Terrestris?
Tribulus Terrestris is commonly stacked or teamed up with other herbs that also help in raising the testosterone level in the body such as anti-estrogens, cortisol blockers and so forth. You can also consume it with D-Aspartic Acid, Coleus forskohlii, Phosphatidyl Serine and Vitamin D3. If you are older than 35 then you can take it with DHEA. There is a ton of other formulations which could add up but above were the widely used dosage to stack with Tribulus Terrestris.

There are researchers that term it as adapt genic steroid so it is advisable to stack with Tribulus Terrestris only during the course of strenuous and heavy training and then cycle it off during the recovery period. Also, as it affects the glucose level in your body you might experience dizziness, shakiness and light headedness in the initial days of its intake only if you are sensitive to even a very tiny change in your blood sugar level. The most impactful Tribulus Terrestris stacks are following
  • DHEA Stack and Tribulus Terrestris
  • Creatine Booster Stack
  • ZMA stack
  • Andro stack
  • Testosterone Stack
  • Testosterone Booster Stack

The above stacks should be investigated by the user in terms of user reviews before finally starting the oral consumption of these stacks. The benefits will again solely depend upon the quality of product you purchase (as mentioned above). It may cause following benefits to you.
  • Rise up in Testosterone level
  • Increased endurance
  • High strength
  • High libido levels
  • Boosts  Endocrine support

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