How Onam is celebrated in India

India is a country which is an amalgamation of a lot of castes and cultures. All of them have their own sets of festivals and celebrations which are done with a lot of glamour.

Among all the festivals Onam is one. This is mostly celebrated in the state of Kerala and is one of the biggest festivals celebrated here. India is basically a country which is dependent on agriculture and Onam is a harvest festival which is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and joy. Many local people believe that this festival is celebrated to welcome King Mahabali, the popular legend whose spirit is believed to visit on this day in Kerala. This celebration is mainly done in the beginning of the month of Chingam. Chingam is the first month according to the Malayalam calendar which is actually the months of August and September according to the Georgian calendar.

This is not a one day festival and the celebration continues for at least 4 to 10 days. The first day of the festival is known as Atham and the tenth or the last day of the festival is called as the Thiruonam. This last day is considered to be the most important. The rich culture of the state becomes prominent in these ten days as a carnival is seen in this time. Onam is said to be the National Festival of Kerala and it is celebrated with this extravagance since 1961. There are elaborate feasts, elegant dances, folk songs, boats and flowers all over the state on these days during the festival. The major attraction of this festival is its vibrancy and a lot of colours. In fact the government of India takes a lot of initiative to promote this festival in an international way. This is actually a tourist week for Kerala state all because of this celebration.

There is a story behind the celebrations of Onam. It is believed that during the rule of King Mahabali (the mighty demon) everyone was very happy and the kingdom was very prosperous. But the king was very egoistic and so the God’s took the opportunity of his weakness to take him down and as a result his reign was brought to an end. But as the king was very good at heart, the Gods granted him a wish. They gave him a boon that he can come and visit the people he loved dearly annually. That is why; at present the Onam is celebrated as the annual visit of the King Mahabali’s soul.

The rich cultural heritage of Kerala can be seen during this festival and it is celebrated for good ten days. In fact, it is a grand carnival that goes on for 10 days. The locals of Kerala make huge preparations throughout the year for the celebrations. There is  also a grand feast arranged in Onam in Bangalore and it is called Onasadya which is organised on the tenth day of the festival. Here the food is served on the banana leaves and people sit on the floor in rows to have the food.

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Remove skin tans easily at home

In countries like India tanning of skin is a regular issue. People have to go out and they cannot avoid the glaring Sun and its harmful ultra violet rays. As a result, tanning in skin becomes obvious. But one cannot indulge much so that the tan becomes deeper.

Using a sun screen lotion or gel is must whenever one goes out in the sun but only this will not help. One has to follow some regimes if they feel that their skin is getting tanned. There are many online beauty world tips in Hindi from where one can take ideas on how to remove skin tans. But there are also many homemade things which can help you to get rid of tans. How about some fresh ingredients straight out of your grocery bags or kitchen? Do not be surprised as these are the natural ways to remove your skin tans. Try these regular things than using market cosmetics and you will definitely not regret. These tips have been effective for years and they never fail.

Time to go to the basics. Here are some ingredients which can give you immediate relief from tans.

This works extremely well, when it comes to remove tan. This fruit not only removes tan and dead skins but also brings back the natural glow of the skin. Tomato is said to act as a natural sun screen and it is very effective in preventing sun burns. This also repairs any kind of skin damages and also reduces the fine lines of the skin which is the major sign of ageing. That is why; this thing is also used to treat many kinds of skin ailments. For pale skins it can do wonders by bringing back the natural lustre. One has to take out the pulp of the tomatoes and apply it on the exposed parts of the skin as a mask including the face. After 10 minutes they can wash it away with normal water and see the result.

This is a brilliant ingredient to remove the dead skin. Yoghurt or curd is very natural and it can be mixed with wheat flour and then should be applied on the face, hands and feet. Once the mixture dries up, it can be rinsed off with water. Curd and flour can be an excellent combination to form a natural scrub and this is very effective in removing the dead skin. If you use this regularly then this can help you in having a soft and supple skin.

Lemon contains a high amount of Vitamin C and this is a great tan removal agent. If you can slice a lemon and rub it on your exposed skin on a regular basis then it removes the tan easily. Ti citrus present in lemons also helps in removing marks.

There are other things like turmeric and besan which helps in tan removal.
Care world beauty tips in Hindi can be found in beauty magazines and online sites.

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Things to take care while purchasing and handling toy

Millions of toys are available in market and hundreds of innovative ones coming to the store every year. Toys are an essential part of any kids’ life as they help in child’s development and apparently for fun. But sometimes these blameless toys turn out to be hazardous for kids. Every year so many children have treated in hospital for toy associated injuries. Manufactures do follow some security measure by giving labels on the toys. But parents have to take some strong steps to keep their baby safe and sound. Below are some points that one can take care while purchase or be handling toys:

Beware of toy parts: Never give toys having small parts to young children’s because these small parts can be choking threats for the kids. Avoid toys with detachable eyes, noses, etc. You can check multiple online kids and baby product option available on various retailer website.

Toy selection: If you are going to purchase toys for one and below age offspring. Always make sure you choose toys that are vibrant, insubstantial and have different textures. Never ignore the materials of the toy it should be made of non-toxic material. Children’s from this age group used to touch, play and habitually put belongings onto mouth to explore them.

Discard broken toys: Keep on checking children toys. If playing equipment and toys of the kids are not in good condition or broken, discard them immediately. Broken edges might lead to deep injuries to kids.

Teach children to put toys in bag or basket after done with playing. This will avoid accidental drop offs. Do not leave small children alone while playing with toys. Always try to buy tested and safe toys.

Toys age recommendation: All companies remark age label on all the baby products. Always pay attention to these labels as they can help you to choose toys according to your child age and interest.  Be aware of other labels too like flammable object, washable and hygienic material labels on dolls or other stuffed toys. Try not to buy toys having a flammable label over them. They might cause harm to children.

Inspect sharp edges: Always check toys sharp edges and strings. Do not give metal or glass toys to children less than eight year age. Broken strings could crack or cut if uncovered. Always prefer toys have a circular base as edges can also be unsafe and risky for small kids.

Supervision: Provide healthy indoor or outdoor environment to children. Frequently conduct a toys repairs check for protection and durability because children use and mishandle the toys.

Discard plastic wraps:  Always discard plastic wraps of toys immediately as they might become a harmful play thing for kids. Tell your older children to keep their toys small objects or parts beyond the range of younger children. Young children are inquisitive and always s approach small items. This can be dangerous for them and increase the chance of clogging.

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Understanding Testosterone Deficiency and Remedies

Hormonal replacement therapy is recommended for some patients who have a deficiency of a certain hormone. The hormone could be anything from testosterone, estrogen or others. Hormones are important signaling molecules, chemical in nature, circulating in the body. They regulate many aspects like regulating temperature, metabolism, hunger, sexual desire, etc. When the amount decreases, people feed the effect in various forms depending on the hormone. In these cases, a physician may recommend boosting the hormone with synthetic hormones or steroids which induce more hormone production. The treatment is not only beneficial, it helps them regain their health back. At times, these are known to give side effects too if not monitored properly.

Testosterone Deficiency
In humans, depending on age, testosterone values vary. Not only that, the value fluctuates depending on the time of the day! Blood tests reveal that adults will have 300 to 1050 ng/dl and juveniles less than this quantity. Women also have this hormone in their blood but at a considerable low level. As age increases, the hormone level comes down. It is estimated that the level falls by about 50% on reaching the age of 65. The definition of a deficiency is described when the level is below 300 ng/dl. There could be other reasons for the deficiency like pituitary/hypothalamus disorders, tumor in the brain, infection, kidney or liver diseases, or obesity. 

Cause for Concern
People with low testosterone levels have a general tendency of lethargy, lack of energy and interest, reduced libido or sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, fatigue of chronic proportions, increased fat at the waist. The greater cause of concern is the loss of muscle and infertility. Since the hormone plays a major role in physiological and psychological balance, one needs to attend to these issues immediately. Left alone this could lead to depression and as a result suicidal mentality.

There are treatments available to increase the testosterone level. Drugs are available in tablets, suspensions, gels, dermal patches and injections. On examining a person, the physician will prescribe a course of action to alleviate the problem. Treatments and drugs depend on the age, physical condition and the levels. Apart from synthetic steroids, natural extracts of plants and animals could also be used to boost the levels. Ginseng, Arginine, Deer antler velvet and Ashwagandha are some natural herbs that will help. More than anything, a good sleep will increase the levels the natural way. Reducing stress is another major factor in boosting the hormone levels.

Side Effects
This is a complex treatment and best administered by a physician. Even under the best of medical care, side effects are known to occur. They may range in their severity from low to severe ill effects. On the lower side, irritation, aggression, headache, insomnia or sleep apnea can occur. On the severe side, increased risk of prostate or breast cancer, the risk of blood clot or heart attacks may occur. One notable effect of excess testosterone is an estrogenic effect in men. This may result in enlarged breasts in men and infertility. Women may suffer from male like characteristics and infertility. Having understood the definition of a deficiency, it is also good to know what to expect from Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

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How To Book Jio Phone Booking Guide Before 24 August 2017

Jio Mobile Booking, Jio Phone Booking online was launched on 24 August 2017 but folks have already begun searching for a contact form on jio official site. Today We'll tell you very Simple way to Novel Jio mobile Online or you can state Reliance Jio phone booking manual. You can jio mobile through MyJio App or jio store.

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Free Online Plagiarism Checker Versus the Different Types of Plagiarism

Plagiarism in all of its forms is not allowed both in the academic and in the online world. Plagiarism on the academe is not tolerated by academic institutions. They impose strict rules against it that when violated can lead to students getting suspended or expelled. On the other hand, plagiarism is also not tolerated in the online world. Publishing duplicate contents on the web can lead to low website rankings for those who do it. Fortunately, whether you are from the academe or from the internet, you can be helped to prevent plagiarism in all of its forms using the free online plagiarism checker. To know more about this tool including what it is and how to use it, then continue reading the article below.

The Types of Plagiarism
You should first know the different types of plagiarism. One type is the direct plagiarism wherein a sentence, paragraph, or an entire content is copied from a specific source like a textbook or the internet articles. Another type is the paraphrase plagiarism wherein people fail to do proper paraphrasing when attempting to state some words using their own words. They can also commit paraphrase plagiarism when they forget to include citations in their paraphrased work.

Patchwork plagiarism is also a type of plagiarism that occurs when a person combines various information from different sources without acknowledging them. This is also known as multiple source copying. A combination of these forms may occur. And these forms can be prevented using the plagiarism checker tool.

The Free Online Plagiarism Checker
The free online plagiarism checker is a very useful tool that you can use to check if your written piece has committed plagiarism.

This tool processes a pasted content on its field by looking for other contents on the web which is exactly the same as the content pasted or with very similar characteristics to it. The article or paper to be checked can also be supplied to the tool by providing the link to it, if it is available on the web like articles or contents for instance. The result of the process will be shown on the screen after a few seconds or minutes. One advantage of using this tool is that it is created from JS thereby not requiring you to create a data base just to be able to use the tool for plagiarism checking.

Modifications After Checking
After checking a paper or content for plagiarism, if the paper or article s 100 percent original, then you are good to go. You can submit that paper to your teacher or you can now post the article online in your web page. However, if it contains plagiarized parts, then do modifications to it in order to convert it in a 100 percent originally made article or paper. The check can be done using the free online plagiarism checker.

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Dealing with the symptoms of steroid withdrawal

No steroids can be taken for long, once your body begins to gain muscle strength, steroids have to be done away with. Steroids are basically the lab synthesized hormones which are given for two purposes. First, these steroids can be used for treating some medical condition and other purpose is, for gaining the required body strength.

This guide will focus upon the reasons behind steroid withdrawal. That is, why you actually need to stop using steroids after a specific time duration. There are some risks or side effects which have to be kept in mind. Steroids as of now are having some severe health risks and many things depend upon the fact that what are your body requirements. Such steroid risks need to be understood and proper measures need to be undertaken for overall wellness.

What are the risks of steroid withdrawal?
Talking about the steroids, it is the cortisone which is responsible for the secretion of cortisol. This hormone is responsible for keeping at bay all kind of inflammation problems. Though there are many benefits of this steroid yet like other medications, there are some severe side effects as well.

Check out how it affects your body in an adverse manner:
  • Causes changes in the normal level of hormones in the body
  • Leads to drug side-effects

Not only the above side-effects, but this steroid also affects the pituitary gland of your brain. This gland is also responsible for controlling all the hormones in your body. When this condition is reached, your health is bound to suffer.

Hormonal imbalance itself is the cause of many problems therefore one has to be very watchful about the steroids. Any intake of these synthetic hormones has to be taken only when you are recommended by any health professional. For this reason, many people have been taking this steroid in an unadministered manner. As a result of which there are multiple reasons as to why so many health problems are propping up.

How to reduce the risks of steroid withdrawal?
To decide on a way out possible for coming out of steroid dependence, you have to take into cue the following tips. Most of the problems are bound to occur when you are taking the drugs related with dexamethasone. There is a general notion that when you want to withdraw from any drug, you need to do it really slowly.

The proper plan to shrug off this steroid cycle is to reducing the risk of withdrawal symptoms, when you decrease the steroid to half of it original dosage, there are chances of gaining better benefits. Your body will adjust to the new dosage accordingly.

This is how you need to use the steroids to gain full benefits and in order to avoid any kind of problems that are propping up. Any kind of mismanagement of steroid intake can lead to major side effects in the long run which prove to be highly lethal. Therefore, you should take on to the guide for gaining the benefits for which these steroids are meant for.

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