Free Online Plagiarism Checker Versus the Different Types of Plagiarism

Plagiarism in all of its forms is not allowed both in the academic and in the online world. Plagiarism on the academe is not tolerated by academic institutions. They impose strict rules against it that when violated can lead to students getting suspended or expelled. On the other hand, plagiarism is also not tolerated in the online world. Publishing duplicate contents on the web can lead to low website rankings for those who do it. Fortunately, whether you are from the academe or from the internet, you can be helped to prevent plagiarism in all of its forms using the free online plagiarism checker. To know more about this tool including what it is and how to use it, then continue reading the article below.

The Types of Plagiarism
You should first know the different types of plagiarism. One type is the direct plagiarism wherein a sentence, paragraph, or an entire content is copied from a specific source like a textbook or the internet articles. Another type is the paraphrase plagiarism wherein people fail to do proper paraphrasing when attempting to state some words using their own words. They can also commit paraphrase plagiarism when they forget to include citations in their paraphrased work.

Patchwork plagiarism is also a type of plagiarism that occurs when a person combines various information from different sources without acknowledging them. This is also known as multiple source copying. A combination of these forms may occur. And these forms can be prevented using the plagiarism checker tool.

The Free Online Plagiarism Checker
The free online plagiarism checker is a very useful tool that you can use to check if your written piece has committed plagiarism.

This tool processes a pasted content on its field by looking for other contents on the web which is exactly the same as the content pasted or with very similar characteristics to it. The article or paper to be checked can also be supplied to the tool by providing the link to it, if it is available on the web like articles or contents for instance. The result of the process will be shown on the screen after a few seconds or minutes. One advantage of using this tool is that it is created from JS thereby not requiring you to create a data base just to be able to use the tool for plagiarism checking.

Modifications After Checking
After checking a paper or content for plagiarism, if the paper or article s 100 percent original, then you are good to go. You can submit that paper to your teacher or you can now post the article online in your web page. However, if it contains plagiarized parts, then do modifications to it in order to convert it in a 100 percent originally made article or paper. The check can be done using the free online plagiarism checker.

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