Remove skin tans easily at home

In countries like India tanning of skin is a regular issue. People have to go out and they cannot avoid the glaring Sun and its harmful ultra violet rays. As a result, tanning in skin becomes obvious. But one cannot indulge much so that the tan becomes deeper.

Using a sun screen lotion or gel is must whenever one goes out in the sun but only this will not help. One has to follow some regimes if they feel that their skin is getting tanned. There are many online beauty world tips in Hindi from where one can take ideas on how to remove skin tans. But there are also many homemade things which can help you to get rid of tans. How about some fresh ingredients straight out of your grocery bags or kitchen? Do not be surprised as these are the natural ways to remove your skin tans. Try these regular things than using market cosmetics and you will definitely not regret. These tips have been effective for years and they never fail.

Time to go to the basics. Here are some ingredients which can give you immediate relief from tans.

This works extremely well, when it comes to remove tan. This fruit not only removes tan and dead skins but also brings back the natural glow of the skin. Tomato is said to act as a natural sun screen and it is very effective in preventing sun burns. This also repairs any kind of skin damages and also reduces the fine lines of the skin which is the major sign of ageing. That is why; this thing is also used to treat many kinds of skin ailments. For pale skins it can do wonders by bringing back the natural lustre. One has to take out the pulp of the tomatoes and apply it on the exposed parts of the skin as a mask including the face. After 10 minutes they can wash it away with normal water and see the result.

This is a brilliant ingredient to remove the dead skin. Yoghurt or curd is very natural and it can be mixed with wheat flour and then should be applied on the face, hands and feet. Once the mixture dries up, it can be rinsed off with water. Curd and flour can be an excellent combination to form a natural scrub and this is very effective in removing the dead skin. If you use this regularly then this can help you in having a soft and supple skin.

Lemon contains a high amount of Vitamin C and this is a great tan removal agent. If you can slice a lemon and rub it on your exposed skin on a regular basis then it removes the tan easily. Ti citrus present in lemons also helps in removing marks.

There are other things like turmeric and besan which helps in tan removal.
Care world beauty tips in Hindi can be found in beauty magazines and online sites.

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