Things to take care while purchasing and handling toy

Millions of toys are available in market and hundreds of innovative ones coming to the store every year. Toys are an essential part of any kids’ life as they help in child’s development and apparently for fun. But sometimes these blameless toys turn out to be hazardous for kids. Every year so many children have treated in hospital for toy associated injuries. Manufactures do follow some security measure by giving labels on the toys. But parents have to take some strong steps to keep their baby safe and sound. Below are some points that one can take care while purchase or be handling toys:

Beware of toy parts: Never give toys having small parts to young children’s because these small parts can be choking threats for the kids. Avoid toys with detachable eyes, noses, etc. You can check multiple online kids and baby product option available on various retailer website.

Toy selection: If you are going to purchase toys for one and below age offspring. Always make sure you choose toys that are vibrant, insubstantial and have different textures. Never ignore the materials of the toy it should be made of non-toxic material. Children’s from this age group used to touch, play and habitually put belongings onto mouth to explore them.

Discard broken toys: Keep on checking children toys. If playing equipment and toys of the kids are not in good condition or broken, discard them immediately. Broken edges might lead to deep injuries to kids.

Teach children to put toys in bag or basket after done with playing. This will avoid accidental drop offs. Do not leave small children alone while playing with toys. Always try to buy tested and safe toys.

Toys age recommendation: All companies remark age label on all the baby products. Always pay attention to these labels as they can help you to choose toys according to your child age and interest.  Be aware of other labels too like flammable object, washable and hygienic material labels on dolls or other stuffed toys. Try not to buy toys having a flammable label over them. They might cause harm to children.

Inspect sharp edges: Always check toys sharp edges and strings. Do not give metal or glass toys to children less than eight year age. Broken strings could crack or cut if uncovered. Always prefer toys have a circular base as edges can also be unsafe and risky for small kids.

Supervision: Provide healthy indoor or outdoor environment to children. Frequently conduct a toys repairs check for protection and durability because children use and mishandle the toys.

Discard plastic wraps:  Always discard plastic wraps of toys immediately as they might become a harmful play thing for kids. Tell your older children to keep their toys small objects or parts beyond the range of younger children. Young children are inquisitive and always s approach small items. This can be dangerous for them and increase the chance of clogging.

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