Understanding Testosterone Deficiency and Remedies

Hormonal replacement therapy is recommended for some patients who have a deficiency of a certain hormone. The hormone could be anything from testosterone, estrogen or others. Hormones are important signaling molecules, chemical in nature, circulating in the body. They regulate many aspects like regulating temperature, metabolism, hunger, sexual desire, etc. When the amount decreases, people feed the effect in various forms depending on the hormone. In these cases, a physician may recommend boosting the hormone with synthetic hormones or steroids which induce more hormone production. The treatment is not only beneficial, it helps them regain their health back. At times, these are known to give side effects too if not monitored properly.

Testosterone Deficiency
In humans, depending on age, testosterone values vary. Not only that, the value fluctuates depending on the time of the day! Blood tests reveal that adults will have 300 to 1050 ng/dl and juveniles less than this quantity. Women also have this hormone in their blood but at a considerable low level. As age increases, the hormone level comes down. It is estimated that the level falls by about 50% on reaching the age of 65. The definition of a deficiency is described when the level is below 300 ng/dl. There could be other reasons for the deficiency like pituitary/hypothalamus disorders, tumor in the brain, infection, kidney or liver diseases, or obesity. 

Cause for Concern
People with low testosterone levels have a general tendency of lethargy, lack of energy and interest, reduced libido or sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, fatigue of chronic proportions, increased fat at the waist. The greater cause of concern is the loss of muscle and infertility. Since the hormone plays a major role in physiological and psychological balance, one needs to attend to these issues immediately. Left alone this could lead to depression and as a result suicidal mentality.

There are treatments available to increase the testosterone level. Drugs are available in tablets, suspensions, gels, dermal patches and injections. On examining a person, the physician will prescribe a course of action to alleviate the problem. Treatments and drugs depend on the age, physical condition and the levels. Apart from synthetic steroids, natural extracts of plants and animals could also be used to boost the levels. Ginseng, Arginine, Deer antler velvet and Ashwagandha are some natural herbs that will help. More than anything, a good sleep will increase the levels the natural way. Reducing stress is another major factor in boosting the hormone levels.

Side Effects
This is a complex treatment and best administered by a physician. Even under the best of medical care, side effects are known to occur. They may range in their severity from low to severe ill effects. On the lower side, irritation, aggression, headache, insomnia or sleep apnea can occur. On the severe side, increased risk of prostate or breast cancer, the risk of blood clot or heart attacks may occur. One notable effect of excess testosterone is an estrogenic effect in men. This may result in enlarged breasts in men and infertility. Women may suffer from male like characteristics and infertility. Having understood the definition of a deficiency, it is also good to know what to expect from Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

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