Benefits of Testosterone Undecanoate in bodybuilding

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone that performs multiple functions in developing a normal human male body. It is secreted by the human endocrine gland to stimulate male features in a male body, and exists in dominant form in men. In females, the corresponding sex hormone is progesterone and estrogen (to some extent). The hormone testosterone plays a primary role in providing a normal and healthy sex life, as well as regulating normal sexual behavior. However, a portion of males suffer from testosterone hypognadism or Low T syndrome, which limits the production of testosterone in their bodies. This gives rise to problems such as erectile dysfunction or reduced sex drive, ultimately leading to a troubled personal life and a fatty, overweight body. In such cases, there is a need to restore hormonal balance and build male muscular structure by supplementing or even replacing natural testosterone production artificially. For this purpose, there are many testosterone supplements with aggravating agents (specifically esters) available in the market. One such esterified testosterone supplement is Test undecanoate for bodybuilding, which supplements natural testosterone production in men.

What is Testosterone Undecanoate and how does it work?
As mentioned above, Testosterone Undecanoate is an esterified complex containing testosterone supplements, to be consumed in case of testosterone hypogonadism (Low T) conditions. It is also known as testosterone undeclynate/ ganabol/ equipoise, all of which refer to the same ester complex. Other generic names also include testosterone propionate testosterone cypionate, and testosterone decanoate – which perform the same function. These complexes are commonly found in anabolic steroid supplements. When Test undecanoate for bodybuilding is administered, it works to restore testosterone levels and muscle mass in men.

Testosterone undecanoate is primarily a prescription-only supplement that you can only obtain if your physician recommends and prescribes it. The parent complex is the testosterone hormone. It also contains an ester chain that attaches to a site on the molecule of naturally produced testosterone in your blood. This slows down the release rate of supplementary testosterone and expands it over hours or even days. The blood stream picks up the injected testosterone in small amounts at different locations within the body as well. When taken with an anabolic steroid in cycles, long term benefits include reduction of anxiety and mood swings, increased sex drive, increase in muscle mass and toning among others.

How can Testosterone Undecanoate be administered?
This drug is mainly prescription-dependent, which means a registered physician has to recommend it for you to be able to obtain it. In conventional form, artificial testosterone was directly injected in the human body so that it starts functioning as expected. In recent times, testosterone is also available in tablet form of 40 mg standard power, administered orally. The entire thing has to be monitored by your physician and the dosage altered accordingly. In general, testosterone is not recommended for extremely obese or overweight people. Also, due to the alarming side effects, there should be regular off periods and you need to maintain a strict workout routine to avoid the level of hormone exceeding required limits.


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