Bet you didn’t know: 8 interesting & unusual car tire facts!

Everyone knows how important it is to replace tires after a certain period or when they wear off for overall maintenance of the vehicle and safety. But there’re many other amazing and interesting facts about these rubber items so read on to find out more before going out shopping for tires in Dubai!

1. Tires do age
Although checking tires regularly is the best way to determine the pressure and tread depth that must remain in the legal limit, tires also age so you should pay some attention to that as well. Exposure to heat, sunlight, weather anomalies and natural elements cause the rubber to deteriorate eventually leading to tire failure. Also, don’t forget checking the spare tires in Dubai for any signs of damage and if you’re unsure of the standard, do consult an industry expert for reputable advice.

2. Motor racing generated tire development idea
Many interesting developments in tire industry were influenced by Formula-One races. When sports car driver use tires in a different manner than the average Joe or Jane, many new safety standards were introduced that are still accepted worldwide and implemented during production of many different tires be it sports car, usual passenger vehicle or heavy transport.

3. Valve maintenance
Renowned tire manufacturers; Bridgestone suggested that valve maintenance is an integral part of looking after the car tires. In fact, these valve helps in maintaining tire pressure and must be replaced whenever mounting a new pair of wheels. Caps protects the valve from dust, dirt and water therefore it’s extremely important to keep the valves properly sealed.

4. The advantages of using similar brand
It’s common seeing cars be fitted with mix tire brands however, industry experts and even some of the biggest tire producers recommend using similar brand on all four sides. This helps improving overall vehicle performance and handling especially on wet terrain by preventing aquaplaning.

5. Tire requirement change with seasonal shifts
An average driver mightn’t realise the importance of changing tires in Dubai with seasonal variations such as a different pair for summer, winter, all-season and so on. While it doesn’t snow in Dubai, it’s worth noting that driving on snow or wet tracks require a very different tire type that actually holds the vehicle to the road.

6. Car tires are white in actual
The natural rubber shade is white but one mightn’t realise this since we’re accustomed seeing tires in black. This change in colour isn’t aesthetic or natural but due to addition of carbon by-products which has been replaced by silica. Whatever the layer, by-product helps improving traction on wet tracks as well as black complements to almost any vehicle shade.

7. Etymology
In the USA, it’s spelt “tire” and the origination of the word itself dates back to the 15th century and by some considered a short abbreviation of “attire” since tire is sort of a wheel clothing!
8. Recycled tires make new roads
The technique known as “crumbing” is used to grind old tires into fine powder or large rubber composites which are then used in creating new roads.

When buying tires in Dubai or any other place per se, do remember the facts outlined above!

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