Foods to avoid during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time when a woman has to be very cautious about what she eats. Because, what she eats is not just going to affect her, but also her baby. The baby inside her womb will receive food and nutrients from the mother. So, whatever the mother eats, the baby will eat too. Hence, the mother should consume foods that will be helpful in the growth of the baby and avoid foods that harm the growth of the baby. Once your pregnancy conception calculator is used, you must start eating healthy.

As pregnancy will directly affect the immune system, the mother and unborn baby are susceptible to many types of bacteria, viruses, and parasites. This can cause foodborne illness very easily. Even dangerous are some microbes that do not show any signs, but eventually end up effecting the child. The baby in the womb is very sensitive to toxins in your food. So, each meal that you eat must be decided after much thought.

Here are some foods that the mother should not eat during pregnancy –
Cheeses that are made from unpasteurized milk must be avoided. Milk has to be boiled until boiling point and then cooled to destroy all the microbes in it. Pasteurized milk should be consumed by the pregnant women. Unpasteurized milk in any form must be strictly avoided.

Some types of fishes must also be avoided. Fishes mainly contain mercury that they would have consumed in the water. This mercury when consumed by the pregnant women through the fish can have grave results on the health of the baby. Hence, fishes like king mackerel, shark, sword fish and tuna fish must be avoided. Also, raw and uncooked fishes must be avoided. So, stay away from sushi and such other dishes.

Salads containing meat or fish must also be chucked off your list. Salads are usually made of uncooked ingredients. So, when you eat a salad containing fish, meat or chicken, you will be eating it raw. Do not eat any meat that is raw as it may contain bacteria that will cause infection to you and your child. Consume meat that is cooked well and safe to eat. You must also avoid raw eggs or half cooked eggs. Eat eggs only when they are fully baked or cooked.

Vegetables and sprouts may be good for you, but if they are raw, then they may contain certain bacteria and fungus. So, make sure that your sprouts are well cooked before you eat them. Your vegetables can be consumed in the form of soups and gravies. Avoid salads.

Stay away from nuts that cause allergy to you. If you have not eaten a type of nuts before, do not risk your health by trying it out during your pregnancy. Better stay away from it and consume other type of nuts.

Fruits are good for your health. But, during pregnancy, you must stay away from certain fruits like papaya. Talk to your doctor about contractions in pregnancyand get the list of fruits that you must not eat.

These are some foods that you must stay away from to have a safe pregnancy and a healthy child.

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