How to Design your First Website

If you are a beginner coder, starting to design your first website may take some studying and practicing to do. What does it really take to design your first site?

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1. Read Books on Web Design. Web design books give you a great sense of what a website is, the structure that a website should be, and the syntaxes there are. Before learning any website syntaxes, you must know the basics of web design. Reading up to 4 books is a great idea to give you a fixed view on the structure of a web design and how much web applications can be advanced 2.

2.Syntax Choice. Before leaping into your first design, you must select the syntax which you want to study. There are many syntax choices, but for web design you must lean towards html or php. Html is the standard coding to learn and PHP is more dynamic. Once you learn HTML, you will instantly learn PHP much faster. Selecting your first syntax is a big step in design. Once you have selected your syntax, you must then study for months, depending on your study pace to make sure that you have fully understood the entire code.

3.Sample Code. After you select your syntax and started creating mini items with it for study purposes, it is time to create your first sample code. The best way to do this is to think about something yourself or just follow a tutorial online which will give you a great structure and outline base.

4.Web Design Creation. After you have finished tryout out samples of code, it is time to start creating your first web design. To design your first site, you must have an idea of what you want your site to look like. Using photoshop to create the template of the site is a great idea to give you a great visualization of the view. Coding is about solving problems and the same goes for web design. Identify all elements before you design and you will have a smooth design process.

5.Web Design Company Portfolio. Getting some ideas from web design companies is a great way to start designing your website. Top and award winning companies usually are the ones that have advanced portfolios. Reviewing their portfolios will give you a glimpse as to what trends are out now and what you can do to incorporate some of the same elements onto your first design.

6.Start and Finish. After your created your web design and finalized it, it is time to do a quick review and make sure that your web design works on all browsers. This is an important part of design. There are free sites online which can help you do a test and see if your website design looks visually the same on all browsers and if it looks the same on all devices. A design test is an important part and it is also done by the top ranking web design agencies. 

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