Spine surgery: Neurosurgeon or Orthopaedic surgeon

If it has been found out that you would need spinal surgery to cure your back, one of the most important decisions you have to make is whether to opt for an orthopaedic surgeon or Neurosurgeon. The top Neurosurgery hospitals in India would be a better option. The choice of a surgeon is the most critical aspect, and here the success rate along with the experience comes into play. Now let us try to understand the difference between both the doctors.

An influential aspect is both of them are designed to conduct spine surgery in the first place. Once upon a time the neurosurgeons were the only ones authorized to conduct spine surgery. With evolution in technology and modern innovations coming into play, an orthopaedic surgeon is also authorized to conduct a surgery. Coming back to the neurosurgeons these are doctors who have gone to avail 4 to 7 years of intensive education in this domain. They are specialized in treating disorders of the nervous system and this includes the nerves, brain along with the spinal cord. There is one major difference between them and an orthopaedic surgeon. They are only authorized to perform surgery in the interiors of the spine referred to as Dura meter. If a patient encounters any form of spinal cord malfunctioning or a tumor is detected in the spine, then only a reputed neurosurgeon can perform the surgery for him.

On the other hand orthopaedics is trained doctors, who are medically trained. Most of them have 5 years of education and are well equipped to treat musculoskeletal disorders pertaining to the joints and the bones. They generally focus on bone injuries and joint pains. Some of them would need to spend a considerable amount of time on spinal injuries. This would mean that they would need to undertake specialized training in the same domain. Apart from the few unique surgeries which a neurosurgeon can carry out, an orthopaedic surgeon is able to perform the same surgeries as their counterparts.

When you are about to choose a doctor for your surgery, take note of the fact that both of them are well equipped to perform the surgery for you. What you should ask them about is their area of specialization. Some of them are specialized in lumbar disorders whereas others in spine surgeries (cervical) you need to ask them on how many surgeries they have performed till now and what has been their success rate. This being a major surgery you would want the best hands in the business

If you have decided upon the best neurology hospital in India, then it would be better if you search online. Here you can obtain reviews of the specific hospital in question and what has been the feedback of the people who have undertaken this surgery. It is not only the surgery, but the follow up procedures that assumes a lot of significance. Any lapses on the part of the medical staff could spell trouble for a patient.

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