The Fountain of Education in Bangalore

Schools are a treasure trove of knowledge that mould the minds of young children and teach them how to become good people. Education has been a very crucial part of India, as it has marked various milestones in the country. Education has been a beacon of light that has propelled many minds to bring greatness to the world. The level of education has radically changed in India over the years, and advanced methods of teaching that are prevalent in urban areas such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, and Indore are also being implemented in rural areas. There are many top schools in Bangalore, which provide top-notch education that is revered all over the country. 

Why is Bangalore a hub of education?
- Bangalore boasts of high standards in education, which is prominently evident with the numerous educational institutions present in the city. There are institutes that cater to almost every discipline, such as healthcare, management, law, engineering, and social sciences. The city also excels in the provision ofpre-school, primary and secondary education. 

- Bangalore has a rich diversity which makes it a breeding ground for multi-lingualism, and people migrate from all over the country to study in Bangalore. 
It has more than 60 international schools, and schools all over the city cater to all the four boards of education, ICSE, CBSE, IB, and state board.

 - KdenriyaVidyalaya, National Academy of Learning, NPS Koramangala, HAL Public School, Army Public School,KLE Society School, National Hill View Public School, rank amongst some of the best schools in Bangalore.

- Many foreign IT and manufacturing companies have set up their R&D centres in Bangalore, which has led to a growth spurt in educational institutes to match the level of education and skill experience required by them.

- Bangalore also has a conduciveclimate which makes it easy for people from different parts of the country to adjust and settle in the city.

Evolution of Bangalore into the educational hub it is today.
- MunmadiKrishnarajaWodeyar’s rule brought about the introduction to western education in Bangalore. The British then propagated this further by establishing St. Joseph’s Indian Institutions. The Mysore government started the Bangalore High School, and after World War II, King George Royal Indian Military Colleges were established, which is now known as Bangalore Military School.

- Bangalore was not always the IT and Engineering hub that it is today. It was an important cantonment and the city developed around the army base. It became a public sector of industries in the 70s, and developed into a city producing quality engineering in the 80s. With the radical economic development in the 90s, and with the entry of IT services in India, Bangalore took upon the role of becoming a centre of learning.

Thus, Bangalore is considered to provide the highest levelof education in India, and many students prefer to pursue their undergraduate and post graduate degrees in various professional courses in Bangalore. The schools in Bangalore are a prudent choice as they aid the students to train for a highly competitive working environment.

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