What is meant by the term Canadian experience class?

Canadian Experience Class Abbreviated as CEC refers to the category of foreign employees and workers who are working in Canada and want to be pemanent resident of the Canada. They can apply under Canadian experience class visa scheme.

To get Canadian experience class visa the applicant has to meet several criteria and condtions which when fulfilled then only he can apply for Canadian experience class visa.

Now, let us discuss each point in detail the needs to apply for Canadian experience program.

1)      Work experience

To get permanent residence in Canada you should belong to Canadian experience class. For being eligible to apply for permanent residence in Canada:

a)      You should have work experience under any authorized Canadian organization within 3 years from your application date.

b)      Canadian National Occupational Classification defines skilled work experience on specified levels.

§  If the job you are engaged in is managerial type of job then Canadian National Occupational Classification assigns you - 0 skill level
§  If the job you are doing is professional in terms then Canadian National Occupational Classification assigns him – A skill level.
§  And if the job you are engaged at is technical or related to skill trade then Canadian National Occupational Classification will assign you – B skill level.
c)      Duration of the work experience is also considered by Canadian experience program.

§  The applicant must have 12 months full time work experience at any authorized firm.
§  He can also have part time work experience of 12 months but of equal amount of working hours.


§  They ask for minimum of 1,560 hours of work experience whether part time or full time.
§  You have to prove that you abide by all the duties which are described under occupational description by national occupational classification. Otherwise your application will not be accepted.

2)      Education

Education is not an important requirement while applying. But if you have good qualifiaction and education then you can earn points for education while applying through express entry.

The points which are considered under education are:

§  You should be a student of Canadian school and have certificates of taking education from that the diploma and degree are checked which must be provided by a Canadian education organization or school.

§  Diploma of high school or post secondary school can let you earn points.

3)      Language

A language is taken approved by Canadian organization to check you have to meet the require level of
§  Writing,
§  Listening,
§  Reading,
§  Understanding,
§   And speaking skills in that particular language which is prominently used in the territory where you want to live permanently.

4)      Others

§  You have to live out of the province Quebec
§  You should be admissible to live in Canada.

If you are a permanent worker or employee in Canada and now you want to settle there and planning to apply for Canadian experience class visa then you should meet the above discussed requirements. 

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