Uses Of Stem Cells

The system of repairing or replacing stem cells to prevent diseases is called stem cell therapy. Generally, a stem cell is a different kind of sell which has a different type of feature. A stem cell can be divided into different cells. It is a biological stem. We can found this type of cell in multicellular organisms. Different researches are still going on stem cells. Researchers are still searching for different cells to produce stem cells. Now we can apply stem cells for neurodegenerative diseases. 

Among other diseases, diabetes and heart disease can be cured by replacing stem cells. As the development of the science and research on stem cells, controversy to use the stem cell has also developed. Controversy has also risen on the ability of scientists. Scientists are generally, trying to culture embryonic stem cells to generate stem cells using the somatic cell nuclear transfer. This technique is further helps to create induced pluripotent stem cells. Human cloning and abortion politics are also included in this controversy. According to few medical persons, researchers on stem cells are now becoming a part of business and marketing. Transplant of stored umbilical cord blood has been a part of marketing and business controversial.

We all know the term bone marrow, which has used as a treatment of cancer patients, with conditions such as leukemia and lymphoma during 30 years. The process of bone marrow is one kind of stem cell therapy now is widely used for cancer treatment. During the cancer treatment, applying cytotoxic agent’s most growing cells are killed at the time of chemotherapy. After chemotherapy, bone marrows from a body of a healthy person will transfer it to patient's body to fill the requirements. Healthy bone marrows will generate stem cells and maintain the health of a patient after chemotherapy.
Why Researchers Are Trying To Develop Stem Cells

Different researches on stem cells are being examined for different reasons. The exosomes, a molecule discharged from the stem cells are further studied to create medications. Paracrine soluble factors have also generated by stem cells. These are generally known as stem cell secretome. Using predominant mechanism, from a stem cell-based therapies, medicines have been produced those help in degenerative, auto-immune and inflammatory diseases.
Applications On StemCell Therapy In India-

The application if stem cells first applied on animal’s body to brain degenerate. Like in Parkinson's, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, and Alzheimer's disease. A healthy adult brain contains numbers of neural stem cells. These are further divided and generate more stem cells or progenitor cells.

1. Brain and spinal cord injury-

Brain cells are died due to stroke and traumatic brain injury. In this case stem cells have been used to replace and generate new cells in the brain. In case of spinal cord injury, clinical and animal stem cells can be repaired it successfully.

2. Heart-

Stem cells are also massively used to replace the heart cells. Different researches said that stem cells of the young body are more effective to recover heart diseases - included

a. It helps to recover heart muscle cells.
b. Increase the growth of new blood vessels.
c. The growth of cells will be started.  

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