Tips to remember when giving GMAT

Nowadays the GMAT has become quite popular for all the people who are aspiring to do their master’s in business administration or MBA from a good and reputed college or university. Many companies also look for the GMAT score of the candidates applying for a particular job before they hire that person. GMAT is a very specific yet complicated test which people need to prepare for a long time. Without proper preparation a person cannot expect to good scores in GMAT.

Obviously you have to study a lot for the exam and prepare yourself in a planned manner. You can choose to join GMAT preparation courses in Chennai to better prepare yourself for the test. Even though most of the applicants wonder what strategies they should adopt to help them score better marks in the test. While giving the test keep these points in your mind and you will surely perform much better than you expected to.
  1. The time boundary is one of the main reasons why students fail to score a good rank in GMAT. Getting hung up while trying to solve a single question can turn out to be hazardous. You need to remember that time is an extremely important resource here and you need to move from one question to the next quite swiftly. GMAT has been designed in such a manner that no one is expected to answer all the questions correctly. So guessing your answers can come to your aid. Try eliminating one or more answers from the options for the question you are unsure about and then simply guess.
  2. Sentence correction questions can sometimes be a little tricky. So if you get stuck with one of these questions then your best option would be to go with the shortest answer. Almost always the most concise answer turns out to be the correct one. Although it is not true 100% but most often GMAT preferably goes for the short and concise answers, so you can put your bet on it when you have to guess.
  3. In the quant section of GMAT you will need to solve for an unknown variable. Often going backwards while solving such questions can help save a lot of your time. If you are provides with an equation, then just put one of the given variables in it and check whether it fits or not, if no then go with the next one. It can also help you eliminate other possible answers. Such as if you choose a middle answer, say 15, the result comes out to be too low, then you can easily eliminate the lower options, say 7 and 11 and go with the other one.
  4. While giving the test a double sided laminated scratch pad will be provided to you, on which you can write on with the help of a marker. All the GMAT coaching centres in Chennai will encourage you to make the best use of this pad. Take down all the necessary notes on it to quickly remember things that you might forget while reading the comprehension passage or any other important notes.

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