Why Will You Use Private Virtual Number or Long Code For Your Business?

The other name of the long code is the virtual mobile number. By using this ten digits phone number you can make a call or text message. Long codes are similar to your mobile phone number. It is called as long code as it is longer than shortcode which is consists of five or six digits. A long code offers an individual to involve as well as interact with the specific brand by sending messages to the specific company’s applicable private virtual number SMS including polling, games, coupons, contests, voting and various types of other attractive applications. Long codes also offer the consumers for making interaction, communication and involvement on the supportive number which has been provided for making service.

Advantages of long code or virtual mobile number
Applicable long codes provide a dependable platform for making your mobiles campaigns which is advantageous to you as a sole owner as well as the content provider on the mobile number. You will have countless keywords and you can control incoming and outgoing messages. As an owner of the number, all data will be saved with respect to your number. You will be able to map directly including your existing database and there will be no need to input of information collecting from the various sources. You will have the capability for making further monetization your specific mobile effort by allowing for making advertisement facilities to the other organizations which provide a complement to your service. Long code SMS number offers a specific number to promote and make a unique identity that will assist you to a large extent to the other advertisers to generate the leadership in the business world. It will assist you to build the company’s brand value. It can give the support for the global organizations which will want to continue for the international campaigns.

Important features of long code SMS:
  • Availability of unlimited keywords and all the incoming traffic will be posted for your server
  • The ability for forwarding the email according to the sender’s mobile numbers and making messaged according to the real-time
  • The ability for forwarding the SMS
  • Uptime as 99.09%
  • Availability for 24X7 Customer service
  • The ability for making Report which is Web-based according to real-time
  • The ability for choosing your own specific long code number
Field to apply for long code SMS number
  • For TV channel or Radio shows initiating the competition and casting votes.
  • Making feedback, promotion, and campaign for the product and a printed number will be available on the package of the product.
  • For the advantages of international organizations availability of the number globally.
  • The ability for the reception of SMS according to the company’s desire for interacting with the consumers.
  • Making feedback SMS for making mass mail or establishing the promotional activities
There are several long code service providers in India which will provide hassle-free long code SMS service on specific and shared long code SMS numbers. They will help you in making fast as well as easy communication by applying their advanced technology. At this, the cost for collecting data from the server will be reduced.

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